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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » The United States BLOWS THE DOORS OFF China and India all due to leadership of course. What else?

The United States BLOWS THE DOORS OFF China and India all due to leadership of course. What else?

China Population 1.393 BILLION
China Covid 19 cases 86,000
China Covid 19 deaths 46,000

India Population 1.363 BILLION
India Covid 19 cases 1.7 million
India Covid 19 deaths  36,000 plus

USA Population 328.2 million
USA COVID 19 cases 4,64 million
USA COVID 19 deaths  186,000

See I told you so! Our numbers blow off the doors of China and India COMBINED!

All of these are of course ALLEGEDLY. I cannot know for sure if they are reliable. As of now when I Googled it that is what I found. As of now is August 1, 2020 in Hemet, California pacific coast time 5:30 a.m. The numbers will change. We know the USA will grow bigger and morer and higher and higher and higher

That victory lap pumpkin takes when it ends...well maybe he will have died by then because we don't know if it will ever end do we?

Posted - August 1


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    Hmmm. Uncomfortable numbers for we Britons, too.

     China's population more than 21 400 times that of Britain's approx. 65M.

     British deaths approaching 46 000 - roughly the same as China.

    I don't know the reported-cases number here, and of course the key word is reported.

    This is not going to end soon, I am sure of that; and even if the pandemic fades over the next six months Covid-19 will never go away. The huge pandemic diseases of the past - Influenza and the Black Death / Bubonic Plague - are still here and 'flu still kills in sizeable numbers, but fortunately both diseases are generally a far lower threat now.
      August 1, 2020 2:38 PM MDT

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    You know what I was wondering Durdle? If we will ever see our family again? We have a son who lives in Honolulu and one who lives in northern Nevada. My sister lives in Nevada. Our daughter-in-law, wife of our son who died, lives in Arizona. We talk on the phone about "one day" seeing one another but when will that day arrive? We have emails of course and phones so it isn't as if we are cut off totally. Thinking about that makes me feel kinda sad about the nature of our lives. So much of what we experience/endure is entirely due to the politicians we elect. So I guess it's on us...the blame for it. I shall ask that question. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Are you stoic about it or sad too? :)
      August 2, 2020 2:05 AM MDT

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    NB: My arithmetic above is wrong!

    I know the American definition of a "billion" is 1000 Million but somehow I multiplied by a further 1000.

    China's population is about 21.4 times that of the UK, not 21.4 thousand!

    Ratio of USA to UK population =  approx. 5:1.
      August 2, 2020 2:11 AM MDT