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Are you getting Covid Test Kits from your Health Dept?

There is a good chance they are bad.  New test kit; I conducted my own experiment by putting the clean swab in the solution swirling it 5 times then putting the solution on the test strip, it came up positive. Next test, new kit: I put the pristine solution without swabbing first and it also came up positive.  This was done after testing positive every single time for the last 9 months, sometimes weekly and later monthly. There had to be something wrong, I have no symptoms at all, not been sick. Was told in January, 2023, I had Covid, I've been keeping watch ever since then, waiting for that negative test.  After 9 months of anxiety, I knew it wasn't me and performed the tests, two hours after picking up four test kits from our health department.  Check it out yourself, let me know what results you had. Yes, I washed my hands first and no, I did not take a nasal sample.

Posted - September 6, 2023


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    Thank you, my question as well. 
      September 7, 2023 8:39 AM MDT

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    It is not unknown for a test to give a false negative. A month ago I had typical symptoms - loss of appetite, nausea, weakness and sneezing. But the test came out negative so I took it to be the flu, and after a day of bedrest and two of working from home I felt well enough to go into the office. On the fourth day I got the impulse to take a second test - and it came out positive, albeit with a faint line. The lesson to be learned is to trust your instincts - if it feels like covid, it probably is!
      September 8, 2023 10:08 AM MDT