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Who would like to answer this Bambi 2 cartoon dialogue?

On Bambi II - Thumper's little sisters:
Watch this YouTube video to answer this:

Bambi II | Thumper's Little Sisters | Disney Junior UK

Or here's the link of this Bambi II video:

Just watch this whole thing, it's a real short video

To the part where-
Bambi said: "What's wrong"
Thumper-"They been after me all morning"
Bambi-"WHO HAS?"
Light yelling from Thumper's little sisters-coming!
Thumper-'Quickly down-from back of Bambi as Bambi quickly look forward'
Light laughing from thumper's little sisters-"Hello young prince!"
Bambi-"Oh, hello!"
Thumper's little sisters-"Have you seen Thumper around?"
Bambi-"Uh Uh"

Thumper's little sisters-' "Oh okay"(after secretly listened from other little sisters).
Then what will Thumper's little sisters say to Bambi, if Bambi say to Thumper's little sisters "All of you, leave my friend Thumper alone and get away from me & Thumper right this minute" ?

If this not answered yet, I will pick & call which answerMug member to come & ask to try answer this, then I will post the next cartoon dialogue question here, of a different cartoon video.

Posted - September 25


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    I have to think about whether I should watch anything about Bambi.  I'll think about it. 
      September 29, 2023 6:19 PM MDT

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    (Good idea to watch? just 2 & half min long)
    Okay, & then you notify tomorrow maybe?
      September 29, 2023 6:25 PM MDT