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why were my neighbors bothering me when i was talking to my mail carrier?

ever since this guy retired we've had a female mail carrier, i really like her and i like to talk to her sometimes when i see her, she likes talking to me too and shes a real friendly person, we've had her almost a yr, i dont always get to see her cause either im in school when she comes and now i have a job, so sometimes i see her on saturdays, i was just talking to her, wasnt talking about anything personal, and i wasnt stopping her from doing the mail cause she was doing it anyways, kind of multitasking, my neighbors were downstairs having a birthday party for one of my neighbors, i didnt go cause my neighbors dont seem to like me much so it wouldve been awkward, anyways, when i was talking to her they kept telling me to stop talking to her and to stop bothering her, i felt it was none of their business, i dont stop them from talking to each other so i saw no need to stop me, and besides she was an adult and if she didnt want me talking to her she wouldve told me herself, i was ticked off that my neighbors were bothering me so i was talking to her even when she was walking around delivering packages just to tick my neighbors off, anyways, one came up to me with a real angry look on her face and told me to stop bothering her so i told her to stop bothering me, i feel bad cause maybe i shouldnt have been rude, but why the constant following me around telling me not to talk to someone,  i dont do it to them so why cant i have the same respect back, i didnt go to the party cause i felt uncomfortable around my neighbors and also felt bad that when my own birthday came around i sat in my apt all day without anyone stopping by to say hi or nothing and yes they knew about it cause they advertise people's birthdays, felt like why do people throw one a party while another person gets totally ignored, so why did they bother me, were they jealous?

Posted - November 12, 2016


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    Holy crap, Pearl.  I think these people are PICKING on you for no reason.  This is insane.  They have no right saying such nonsense to you.

    You get to talk to anyone you please.   That is between you and the mail lady not you and them. 

    I'm so sorry you have these jerks around you.  I hope the job is going okay?
      November 12, 2016 9:17 PM MST

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    ive only been training for a couple of days, so far i must be doing okay or i wouldnt be there, im kind of nervous cause ive had other calling center jobs not work out so im hoping this one does, its hard cause they want us there at 6am, not so much the early hr, i just go to sleep earlier, its just the buses dont run then and i cant find anyone to carpool with and i dont drive, ive had to get rides with this new cab company in town, theyve been pretty good about not standing me up, i have to give them credit for that, but one time they dropped me off at 6am exactly and that was too close so i changed my pickup time to 15 minutes earlier than it was, i had savings from my grants so i just use that for cabs, later i take the bus home, im getting paid for the first time next wk. i decided id rather spend money for cabs than not have the job at all, cant go to school but i was almost done with my classes anyways and one was online so i did the work for it before i left
      November 12, 2016 9:26 PM MST

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    I'm breathing a sigh of relief that you are still able to work.  I have had call center jobs that did not work out as well.  Most of it is luck and how badly they need you when they hire you.  Some of them can be so strict it is too hard to even consider wanting to continue.  I have had great call center jobs and ones that I could just NOT do. 

    So, hang in there.  I understand and it is not you.  You have determination and that is everything.  I hope that someday soon things will get a lot easier for you. 
      November 12, 2016 9:30 PM MST

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    this one seems okay so far, i felt like i wasnt losing anything by trying it
      November 12, 2016 9:53 PM MST

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    Pearl I hope your job is going well and continues to do so.  I read Sharonna's answer and I'm with her, your neighbors are actually harassing you.  It's hard to imagine why.  I just know you've given them no reason to taunt you.  Keep us posted about the job.  And about the neighbors, you seem to be handling it better than I could so I don't think my advice would help.  :)
      November 12, 2016 10:13 PM MST