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Wanna mess with Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

TrackMeNot is a lightweight browser extension that helps protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines. It does so not by means of concealment or encryption (i.e. covering one's tracks), but instead by the opposite strategy: noise and obfuscation. With TrackMeNot, actual web searches, lost in a cloud of false leads, are essentially hidden in plain view. User-installed TrackMeNot works with Firefox and Chrome browsers, integrates with all popular search engines, and requires no 3rd-party servers or services. Warning: I used to play a game at but after running this thing for a couple of days the site wouldn't let me sign in. I surmise that M$ did not appreciate the baloney searches on Bing and suspended my account in retaliation. No word from Google, and Yahoo can go to h*ll.

Here is why you should care:

Posted - November 16, 2017