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What type of laptop?

OK you 'computer savvy' folks.......I'm in the market for a new laptop...all I'm gonna do with it is download several software programs on astrology/numerology/biorhythms, stuff like that.

So essentially it'd be a 'stand alone' (for want of a better term!) laptop...

I have a smartphone and go to the library for the internet.....I live 5 mins. away so it's an ideal situation for a retired guy like me!!!

so how 'powerful' should it be? I want it to be as fast as can be,so what would I ask/look for in a laptop?

as for price, I'd like to go no higher than $600 - $ that too low? or high enough?

also, the stuff I buy will be on CDs so of course I know to look for one with either built-in, or I can buy a separate 'add-on'...see, at least i know that much!! lol.


all you computer-knowledgeable, please give me your thoughts and opinions!!!

and what brand/s do you like? and why?

and one really dumb question, which I think I know the answer to but will ask anyway; can you download program CDs on tablets?  just wonderin'.

thanks for all your input..

lookin' forward to it!!!!!

Posted - February 15, 2018


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    for 200$-400$ you can get a really good laptop, 4 hearts of cpu called 'i5' ( intel i5)

    for 600$ you can get the even better intel 'i7' cpu , 

    me i bought a laptop 1-2 weeks ago , paid 300$ for a i5 laptop. is very fast and goes well.
      February 15, 2018 9:16 AM MST