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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Was that a WHITE RACIST RANT from the lips of Laura Ingraham ? If not what the he ** was it?

Was that a WHITE RACIST RANT from the lips of Laura Ingraham ? If not what the he ** was it?

Posted - August 10


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    No. It was about illegals taking jobs and increase in crimes. Nothing to with race or skin color. 
    The illegals I know of personally are not people of color....they are white Europeans and they are taking jobs.
      August 10, 2018 7:42 AM MDT

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    Shocking. Did you know that Tommy Robinson guy tried to enter the States illegally? He got arrested for that.. He knows the UK has less tolerance for right wing extremism and don't swallow his lies. 
      August 11, 2018 4:02 AM MDT

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    No, I did not know that. We don't want him either. 
      August 11, 2018 7:27 AM MDT

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    You mean like the other one thousand "white racist rants" that you attribute to anybody out there that dares to say anything in opposition to your "positions"? This post was edited by Devil's Advocate at August 10, 2018 8:43 AM MDT
      August 10, 2018 8:42 AM MDT

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    That's really not very Devil's Advocate-y of you there.. let's stick to facts shall we..
    As an independent observer I see so many claims of innocence in connection with racism - to the point where it's like they don't even know what racism actually is, let alone have the ability to recognise and accept they are doing it.. It's almost like the war cry of fake news every time someone presents a fact they don't like
      August 10, 2018 3:30 PM MDT

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      August 11, 2018 2:49 AM MDT

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    When we look for "white racist rants" we will always find them. 
      August 10, 2018 9:11 AM MDT