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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Why are there multiple ways to protect a prez from being punished for his own evil deeds? Who protects we the people from his evil?

Why are there multiple ways to protect a prez from being punished for his own evil deeds? Who protects we the people from his evil?

LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES without accountability for what they cause

Posted - January 10


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    This pig is going to drain his own swamp.  Or his sty to be more accurate.

    After this presidency, I believe there will be many new laws in place to protect us from the likes of someone like this pig.

    We have never had to protect ourselves from this type of graft and corruption in the Oval Office.  We have come close. We have had crooks in power, but nothing like this monster.

    I think we were so naïve, we never believed this could happen to us.  We shot ourselves in the foot with this choice.  I really don't think it was a choice.  I think he stole this presidency and I think Russia had everything to do with it.

    Donald Trump spent two hours alone with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in July and we still have no idea what was specifically said or agreed between two of the most powerful men in the world. (Only two interpreters, bound to silence, were present.)

    How much does this matter?

    Quite a lot, probably. First off, there are new concerns about Trump’s continuing susceptibility to talking points that can have only one source – Russian propaganda. More of this later. Second, it belongs in a long trail of events that have either deliberately left serious blanks in the historical record or delayed by many years discovery of the truth.

    We live in a moment in America when the discovery of information is in daily hand-to-hand combat with the deliberate suppression of information. For the second time in recent history the fate of a presidency might well rest on the unhindered discovery and exposure of essential evidence. Nothing is as central to the health of a democracy as overcoming a cover-up.

    In 1974 the evidence that proved fatal to Richard Nixon’s presidency was all on tape—the White House tapes that recorded the president’s unguarded conversations with aides as they engineered the Watergate cover-up.

    But one section of those White House tapes still remains undisclosed. Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods, removed eighteen and a half minutes of a key recording of conversations between Nixon and his chief of staff, H.R Halderman between March and April 1973. According to her this was inadvertent—and covered only five minutes of the taping.

    Experts who examined the equipment in 1974 decided that several portions of several conversations had been removed, adding up to eighteen and a half minutes. In 2009 new technology was employed to try again, but failed and Nixon and Haldeman took the secret of what was said to their graves. Some historians believe that Nixon himself could have erased the tapes.

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    Very nicely and efficiently laid out Sharon for which I thank you .Of course you know the only ones who will read this are those of us who already know what a turdcake he is. The rest of them who enable him and facilitate his devious devilish doings will call all of this "fake news". Notice how simple-minded they are? With two words they dismiss millions of words of truth. It is always that way. Pander to the least interested in thinking among us and you will not waste your time. SIGH. :( This post was edited by RosieG at January 11, 2019 5:55 AM MST
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