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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Here's how we SOLVE the immigration problem. Plastic surgery/skin tinting. Make all gals hot babe dames who are stacked. Get the picture?

Here's how we SOLVE the immigration problem. Plastic surgery/skin tinting. Make all gals hot babe dames who are stacked. Get the picture?

All guys too but stacked in another place.  That way those who come are ALL WHITE. We know the ultimatum tantrum hissy fit boy loves dames from NORWAY. He said so. He asked why people from "sh**hole countries" comes here. Why not Norway? How many people of COLOR live in Norway? Aren't all Scandinavian dames hot babes? I think I read somewhere they believe in FREE LOVE. No they are not promiscuous at all. They JUST LOVE SEX so the ultimatum tantrum hissy fit boy would be very open to welcoming all of them.

See how easy it was to solve? All ya gotta do is take part the problem, examine it closely, find the defective section and replace it with an effective section. That solution is free of charge. I will give it to mankind expecting no awards or accolades or remuneration. Out of the goodness of my heart. Honestly. I wouldn't lie to you. Trust me. I will never lie to you. I'm the only one who can fix it. I know more than the generals. In a short period of time we'll see. Fake news. The media is the enemy of the people. Lock her up. Make America Great Again.  Don't believe what you read or hear. It is not what is really going on. I can relate to the furloughed. They can make adjustments. They all support me The Republican party is UNITED. I weight 239 lbs. Bone spurs kept me out of serving my country in the military. Believe me. I never lie. Low IQ. He is a hero only because he got caught. I don't like people who are caught. My gut tells me what to do. I trust my gut. You can grab 'em by the ____. They let you. I'm not puppet. You're the puppet. It could be  400 lb guy in his bedroom that hacked. He said he didn't do it. He was very strong and firm. I believe him.

Posted - January 11


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    I prefer natural-looking women to those who are perma-tanned or have had plastic surgery, so it would not make me any more likely to move to America!
      January 11, 2019 5:04 PM MST

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    You, my dear, are an exceptional guy. A cut above the norm. Now by norm I mean the "stereotype" and so I mean so disrespect to the male gender. In fact I have had personal experience with fellas like you. Every boyfriend or mate I ever had preferred me with no makeup. Maybe I was attracted to those who prefer real and natural to its opposite. But we know that the old rich men whose "mates" are arm candy hot babes would salivate over the idea. Stereotypical. Thank you for your reply and Happy Saturday. Also, and no disrespect intended, you are not powerful or a shaker&mover. Are you? It's the powerful shakers and movers who are blocking asylum seekers that would  fall all over themselves welcoming arm candy hot babes. More's the pity. This post was edited by RosieG at January 12, 2019 12:32 PM MST
      January 12, 2019 3:08 AM MST