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Discussion » Questions » Business » If you place an order with a company and they send the wrong thing, then cannot get what you asked for, what should they do?

If you place an order with a company and they send the wrong thing, then cannot get what you asked for, what should they do?

A while back one of my favorite clothing companies released a new shirt, but at the time, it was out of my budget. The company ran a post-Christmas sale and still had it in stock, so I ordered it along with a few other things. When I got my order the other day, the one thing I really wanted- the shirt- wasn't in the package. They'd sent me a pair of pants instead. I checked their website and the shirt wasn't appearing anymore- looks like it's sold out. I wrote customer service, explained the situation, and asked if they could still locate one for me. The letter I got back was that I needed to send them photos of what I received, then they'd send me return labels, and when my stuff was in transit, they'd credit my account back and I could place a new order. 

I wrote back again explaining that I still wanted that shirt and said that I assumed they'd be able to find me one easily at a corporate level. The letter I got back from that was that they couldn't and I was basically just out of luck, but they did automatically credit me back the price of the shirt instead of waiting.

I'm still miffed. I feel like they should have gone to greater lengths to get me the item I ordered in the first place, rather than just saying "tough luck, but here's your money back." Given the situation, I can't imagine why I would ever place another order again. I can't trust them to send the right thing. I would probably be more forgiving if it was a mom and pop shop or someone on eBay or something, but it's a large corporate clothing store that I've been fairly loyal to for years. 

Have you ever dealt with something similar? What happened? 
Or, if you haven't, what would you expect the company to do to make it right?

Posted - January 11


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    A company is only obligated to send you back your money.

    Errors happen; that's just how things are.  What probably happened was that during the error, the company sold out of the item you wanted and was unable to secure more [e.g. manufacture stopped making them (discontinued), seasonal; item (can only be purchased from manufacturer at certain times of year), one-time-buy (company purchased a single lot at a certain price and when its gone its gone), etc.]

    Some companies care more about profits than customers.  Sounds like you got one of those companies.  Some put customer satisfaction ahead of profits (they find it actually boosts profits).  In these instances, some companies will give you coupons off on future purchases (since they cannot get yo what you wanted AND it was their fault), or they will give you another item that is close to what you wanted.  However they are NOT obligated to do so.

    Money talks!  Let them know that you are dissatisfied with their actions and their response (or lack thereof) and that you will be taking your business elsewhere.  These days 1 customer isn't just 1 customer.  With FAcebook and other such sites, 1 angry customer can quickly turn into 10 (by telling their friends about their experience with a company).  Companies cannot afford that.

    And don't  stop with their "service department", tell someone higher up (division manager, company CEO) as well (a letter).  Many times these people have no idea how their employees are dealing with customers (and some don't care), but they do understand "$$".  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
      January 11, 2019 9:53 AM MST

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    i mean at least they gave you a refund 

    i had this same problem a few weeks ago. i ordered an item and got something completely different instead 

    i sent them some pics of what i actually got and they issued me a refund 

    i think tho that instead of sending some random item in its place they should at least notify you and issue you a refund before they ship 
      January 11, 2019 11:14 AM MST

  • Oh, you demanded. :P
      January 11, 2019 5:45 PM MST

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    I wish I was there at customer service desk to revert your mail! ;)

    I think the product was not actually available when you ordered it, it might be an error that it was showing there or someone might have bought it seconds back when you placed an order. Whatever the reason is, it's disappointing you didn't get your desired shirt. I think the store can only credit your A/c in case the shirt is no more available, you should, however write them back as a dissatisfied loyal customer.
    Co, in such cases should really see if they could help the customer getting their products specially when customer has raised so much concern.
    I never had any such experiences, I did however have some quality issues previously where they have helped me with replacement.
      January 12, 2019 11:43 AM MST

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    The refund would be fine. 

    Sounds like the item is not available anymore. They could lie to you and say they will notify as soon as it is in stock. But I think the refund is best way to go. 

    I had a customer order a product last summer, but I messed up and purchased the wrong one. When she came in, I apologized and explained I could get one but it was going to be the spring (2019) before we purchased again. And that I wanted to give her deposit back. But I would still get the product for her. She did not want the refund. And has now called me 4 separate times asking if it is in stock even giving me attitude because it is not there yet.  
    But I will get her piece this spring like I said but I do wish she would have took the refund and let me call her when I got it. 
      January 15, 2019 5:58 PM MST

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    Makes no sense that they substituted a pair of pants for a shirt that was unavailable. 

    You could call them.  Often they're much nicer and accommodating if you call them.  (Easier to blow off a letter than a person.)  You could even ask to speak to a supervisor.  They're normally more interested in helping and have more "power" to do so.

    If they don't have it ... giving you a refund is your only recourse.  At least you didn't have to fight for that.

    You might do some internet searches for the shirt/brand/style name ???  But that might be a long shot.

    I got a Macy's gift card for Christmas.  I have been trying since then to order some kitchen knives.  Every time I place orders (on different knives) ... use the gift card and order them ... I get a message shortly that they're backordered for weeks!  I don't understand why they can't indicate that on the item BEFORE you go through the whole ordering process.  Then if I decide to cancel the order, I have go through getting the gift card reinstated!  A BIG PAIN.  Customer Service/Convenience isn't always a priority to these places.
      January 16, 2019 3:53 PM MST