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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » "Don't worry. It will all work out just fine. Trust me." So does that work with you? Does it ease your worries and comfort you?

"Don't worry. It will all work out just fine. Trust me." So does that work with you? Does it ease your worries and comfort you?

No matter who sez it to you? No matter how many times you've heard it before and it never came true as "they" told you it would? Why do words comfort when the action is unknown? Faith? Hope?  Desperation?  We hear all the time that God will provide. Yet people suffer and die all the time. Why doesn't God provide for them? Do you believe anything you hear no matter the source?

Posted - February 8, 2019


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    I can only trust someone who I consider to be trustworthy (worthy of my trust).  

    Words comfort because they help ease worry.  No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow.  Not even what will happen in the next hour.  Sure we can guess, but we don't know exactly what will happen.  That produces worry.  The more we worry about something the more anxious we become.  And anxiety can cause all sorts of problems - mentally and physically.   Have you ever noticed that when we worry about something our minds (inner-voice) likes to concentrate on the worst case scenario?  Comforting words can help us not believe those scenarios our "inner-voice" tells us.  By the way, have you also noticed that the eventual outcome of what we were worrying about is almost never as bad as we worried it would be?

    Faith is a complete trust in someone or something.   When you walk into a room and flip the light switch, you don't "hope" the light will come on, you simply expect it to happen.  That's faith.  You may not know how it happens (electricity, wires, circuits, electrons, positive/negative, etc.), you simply have faith that it will.  

    You say that because people suffer and die, it means God doesn't provide for them.  How so?  Is it not God who puts the fruit on the trees for us to eat?  Is it not God who sends the rain and snow to water the earth?   God doesn't simply hand people things on a silver platter, He expects them to do their part too.  He puts the fruit on the trees, but we have to harvest and eat that fruit.  It doesn't matter if one believes in Him or not, He still provides for them.  Suffering isn't enjoyable.   People normally don't want to suffer.  Some suffering is caused by people.  God provides medications (one way or another), but if certain people over-inflate the price of a medication so that those who need it cant afford it and die as a result, whose fault is that?  

    No, I don't believe everything I hear.  That would be foolish.  When I hear something, I not only consider the source, but I also compare it to what I already know.  Even those I trust aren't always right.  However, I would put more faith in something from someone I do trust than I would from someone who I didn't trust.

      February 8, 2019 5:50 PM MST

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    How do you explain Genocide? The Armenian Genocide? The Jewish Holocaust? God DID NOT not provide for THEM. How do you explain the evil done to asylum seekers who were separated from their children many of whom are STILL LOCKED UP IN KENNEL and CAGES or living in tent cities with no hope of ever being reunited with their parents by the gaslighter-in-chief? How do you explain a vile evil corrupt liar like the gaslighter-in-chief having power to do what he wants to do and ALSO having millions of supporters who adore him and support him? Many of his supporters are "people of  faith"! My a**. They are all fake phony pretenders. They just don't know it. Why does GOD make them think they are better than those whom they cheer being harmed? Too many whys here Shuhak. I speak to God daily. Do I complain to Him and ask why HE allows all this suffering? No I do not. He does not answer to me. All the questions I ask involving God I set aside when I talk to Him. He has never talked to me.  Maybe He never will. But I know this much. HE GAVE ME THIS BRAIN and I'm obliged to use it even if it means questioning Him. It is rude to not use what you are given and so I USE everything in every way that I can. If He didn't want me to do so why would he have made me who I am? So I guess we kinda sorta disagree on this.  So what? Thank you for your thoughtful reply as always! ":)
      February 9, 2019 3:51 AM MST

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    What if there was no God?  What if there was nothing "up there" but an empty cosmos?  Let's take God completely out of the equation for a moment.  Let's say, like many people believe, that we're simply a random accident in the universe (evolution).  Would we still be like we are today?  Would suffering exist?  Would evil exist, or would we all live peacefully in some sort of grand utopia?  Would there being no God make people be nicer to each other?  Does eliminating God equal no rape?  No molestation?  No thievery?  No power mongers?  No jails?

    You might say there'd been fewer wars, as many of them were fought over/because of religion (christian or otherwise).  Yet, even if God didn't exist, people would still want to create one - the sun god gives light, the earth god gives water and food, etc.  What if one set of people believe the rain god gives the food while another group believes that the earth god does?  Would not one group seek to "persuade" members of the other that their way was the correct way?

    Would there being no God make people not crave wealth and power?  With no God to worry about (judgement, afterlife, etc.), it could easily be 'eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die', or 'might makes right'.  Sure, we might have morals, but would everyone follow them?  They sure all don't now (whether or not they believe in God or a god).  Wars would still exist - over "religion" (e.g. sun god vs moon god), territory, women, etc..  Suffering would still exist (the haves and the have nots).  Would there being no God make all sickness vanish?  Does no God equal no cancer?  No diseases?  

    I'm curious... if God never answers you, why do you still bother tp pray to Him?  I mean, if you had a friend who never talked to you would you still remain their friend?  What would be the point?  
    There were two farmers living a few miles apart.  One prayed to God to send rain as his crops were dry.  The other farmer prayed to God to hold back the rains as it would ruin this crops.  Which prayer should God answer?  Which farmer is going to think that God never answered his prayer?

    You say God gave you your brain and that you're obliged to use it.  Did He not also give a brain to everyone else?  Are they not also obliged to use theirs?  What if in using their brain they make the wrong choices or decisions?   Is that God's fault... or is it theirs?  Is it God's fault the our prez locks kids up in cages?  or is that the perez's choice (using the brain God gave him)?  Is it God's fault the prez lies?  Did God put those lies on his lips?  Or is it the prez's decision to lie and deceive (using the brain God gave him)?  
      February 9, 2019 11:22 AM MST

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    You are very defensive and that surprises me. You are treating as if I am hostile witness. First of all I DO NOT PRAY TO GOD. I talk to him. I think when people pray they want something from HIM. I don't. Whether he listens to me or not is IRRELEVANT! I have done this my entire life and so I shall continue to do so. It is what I do. I like to think I have this ever-present sounding board who will listen. That is all I need. What do YOU need? Thank you for your reply.
      February 9, 2019 11:26 AM MST

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    Oh, dear.  I didn't mean to be defensive.  I'm sorry.
      February 9, 2019 3:57 PM MST

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      February 11, 2019 6:32 AM MST