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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » The irony cannot be coincidental/accidental. The vitriolic rants vis a vis "illegal immigrants" from the mouth of the gaslighter for cover?

The irony cannot be coincidental/accidental. The vitriolic rants vis a vis "illegal immigrants" from the mouth of the gaslighter for cover?

Some of his golf courses and hotels are being investigated for the hiring of illegal immigrants that has gone on for YEARS. If they were abused the investigators wanna know and will find out.  If old gassy were seriously anti - illegal immigrants why did his company hire so many of them for so long over so many YEARS? Accidental/coincidental or giving us the international sign of "good will", finger style? Riling up the troops to be obsessively anti while HIRING THE illegals TO WORK AT HIS RESORTS. What better way to show contempt for his peeps?

Posted - February 10


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    I think you have heard me say this before.  He is totally insane.

    He is a jealous hater of all happy.   He is miserable, lying and pretending happy -s jealous of the real thing.

    It probably drives him nuts that people with NOTHING are happier than this jerk who has everything.  So he hates them.  He hates everyone and he can kick the immigrants in the face because they are poor and vulnerable.
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      February 10, 2019 8:28 AM MST

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    The gassy one is always engaged in TRANSFERENCE.  When he is GUILTY of something he accuses others of it. All the time. Rain or shine. SIGH. He thinks so very little of the intelligence and character of his adoring peeps he keeps sticking them in the eye with his duplicity to prove how absolutely besotted they are with him and how he OWNS them lock stock and barrel. They don't even notice it. Thank you for your reply and the graphic Sharon. Different subject. Old School told me about your operation and the good news and I told him you had already let me know. He also said you had to have your engine REBUILT! Geez! A couple of months ago we had to have our transmission redone or rebuilt or whatever the heck they did. $3,980! I'm not joking. Next lifetime we should all be auto mechanics specializing i rebuilding engines and transmissions! Happy Monday!  :)
      February 11, 2019 3:00 AM MST

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    $3,000 for my car.   That was almost as big a trauma as the operation.   I am not rich.  

    And it had to happen during this hospitalization.   At least they gave me a nice loaner in the interim.  

    Anyway, I prayed like there was no tomorrow, and things seem to be lifting for me finally.  Life is precious, I am realizing.  So sorry about your car.  Of course, I feel for you.

      February 11, 2019 3:04 AM MST