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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Is the person you are today exactly the same as the one you were 25 years ago? Is it fairer to hold you to whom you were or whom you are?

Is the person you are today exactly the same as the one you were 25 years ago? Is it fairer to hold you to whom you were or whom you are?

Quoting what people said 25 years ago and applying it to the person they are today is a stretch don'tcha think? I mean how do you KNOW today whom you will be 25 years hence (providing you're still alive)? Should there be a statute of limitations on such things? I don't have a solid answer but I just wonder how fair it is to do that? Whatcha think?

Posted - February 11


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    Nixon said;"I am not a crook". Well, he WAS a lawyer, however, the Watergate thing was the trickery of the radical conservatives.
      February 11, 2019 6:35 AM MST

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    He WAS A CROOK and a LIAR bh. Thank you for your reply and Happy Monday to thy!  :)
      February 11, 2019 7:06 AM MST

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    Seeing past the past.

    We've all said and done some really stupid, embarrassing or regretful things in our lives.  Anyone who says they haven't is only lying to themselves.  Although we may feel like it at the time, when we're young we really don't know everything.  When we're young (school age), peer pressure is immense.  Many do and say things in order to "fit in", or "be accepted".  This is especially true when we're in high school.  Many of us have this notion that once we turn 18 or once we graduated high school we're suddenly "adults".  It's as if the "adult fairy" sprinkles us with "adult dust" and suddenly we're "mature".  While that may sound nice, it's far from reality.  We don't suddenly "turn" mature, we have TO mature.  Maturity takes time... and it takes making mistakes.  Maturity doesn't come on a certain calendar date, it comes from learning from our mistakes and moving on.   

    So, are we different from the person we were 25 years ago?  Or are we doomed to be that same person all our life?  What about all those mistakes we made 25 years ago? 
    25 years ago Jill Jones (age 22) drove drunk after a party, got into a bad car wreck,killing her best friend.  What if after that wreck Jill swore off drinking (never drank alcohol again) and became an advocate against drunk driving?  What if, 25 years later (age 47), she decided to run for public office?  Should that action she did 25 years ago still be counted against her?  Does that one act of indiscretion overshadow everything she's done since then?

    We cannot change what we did in out past, but we can change who we are today.  Our future actions (should) show whether or not we made that change.  Why bother trying to change if everything we've ever done in our past is held against us all our lives - whether not not we seek to change?  Is everyone "proud" of every single act they've committed or every single word they've said in their entire life?   

    No, we shouldn't ignore the past; but we shouldn't look so far into the past that we miss the past.
      February 11, 2019 11:09 AM MST