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Discussion » Questions » Current Events and News » Did anyone see Candace Owens testimony in Congress? Rep Lieu played a selectively edited clip and she tore him up.

Did anyone see Candace Owens testimony in Congress? Rep Lieu played a selectively edited clip and she tore him up.

(I cannot get the video to post)

Owens for President 2024!!!

Posted - April 10


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    Oh I saw it.  I DID.  At first I thought she was really making a point.  The point she was making is she can tell someone off.  However, she has no legs to stand on.  She is a liar and she has the audacity to call in her intellectual resume.  Like that makes it okay to defend Donald Trump's stand on anything and her loyalty as a Trumpette?  

    She looked pretty smart for about five minutes.  But all her loud and proud hollering at the morons who did not tell HER OFF, only made her look like the token black woman she is.  

    She doesn't have one leg to stand on and she knows it.   That tape was obnoxious and she had every right to tell off that committee.  That was WRONG.  It was a travesty.  And shame on that committee for being so lazy.  Like they could not find a better thing to charge that moron with besides a doctored, cut-off tape.

    I don't get these Democrats in this Congress. They have all this power and when push comes to shove, they seem to always drop the ball.

    So she had every right to say what she said and she said it very very well.

    But … she is a soulless monster puppeting Trump and looking for a position in history by aligning with the very THING that she thinks she is fighting against.  SHE IS A TRUMP SLAVE.  Shame on her.
      April 10, 2019 9:18 AM MDT

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    If she is the token black....there sure a lot of tokens around.  

    At least we agree the Dem was wrong. 

    I like her....she should run in 2024 after Trump is term limited out.
      April 10, 2019 9:32 AM MDT

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    Haa Haa. Thank you for this exercise.  It really IS a lot more fun on this site if I am centered and comfortable in my skin.  So here is my answer, My DEAR My 2  (not being sarcastic, either) 

    There are tokens everywhere. Of course.  Token to me is the biggest insult you can hurl at any minority.  But being a BLACK woman and defending TRUMP is just about as low as a person can sink.  

    Even Omarosa saw the light.  It was BLARING clearly for her to see.  Even her.  

    You want to know what a woman of color who has total dignity looks like?  

    Try this VIDEO and compare dignity in the face of baloney.   This is POWER not that fake angry black Kelly Ann Conway and Steven Miller combined.  I will agree with you on one thing.  SHE DID TELL THEM OFF and she made asses out of all  of them even the Head of the Committee.  He is usually better prepared than that.  Didn't he know what he was up against?  That whole proceeding was an embarrassment and looked just like a GOP attack.  IDIOTIC.

    However, I would put Adam Pencilneck against her any day of the year.  ANY DAY.  He took on the whole committee to demand his resignation and tore the entire GOP a new one.

    She only told off a few people who were half awake.  They all should be ashamed of themselves.  You and I could have done a better job than any of them did.  

    Have some Maxine.  A real TRUE BLUE woman of color.  AND WATCH Mnuchin fall apart.  And watch FOX try and spin this one.  He cannot even say gavel.  

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      April 10, 2019 1:20 PM MDT

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    I saw that too. He was simply making sure the meeting was closed before he left. So they could not say he left while it was still going on.  I did not see anyone fall about both held their own I think. 

    Waters is definitely true blue. 
      April 10, 2019 1:47 PM MDT