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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Unless someone is FORCING you to live as they do why do you care whom they love? How does that impact YOUR life?

Unless someone is FORCING you to live as they do why do you care whom they love? How does that impact YOUR life?

It's not YOUR cuppa tea so who is forcing you to drink it? Why go out of your way to try to change how others are allowed to live? You don't approve? Who asked for your approval? Just don't get in the way and make laws to effect changes that affect others that suit you having nothing whatsoever to do with you? You are not GOD. Stop acting as if you are.

Posted - April 13, 2019


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    The problem is some are trying to force others to drink their tea.

    You have to make my cake, take my pictures, cater my event, plan my event, perform my nuptials.
    Does not matter what your opinion is of my have to drink it all up.
      April 13, 2019 6:38 AM MDT

  • the fact that people can refuse to perform these services is proof that they are not being forced to drink anyone's tea. it just happens that being a bigot tends to be bad for business 
      April 13, 2019 6:48 AM MDT

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    Should a Muslim be forced to cater an event with pork chops if clients want it? 
      April 13, 2019 6:52 AM MDT

  • the thing is that no one is being forced to cater a gay  couples wedding OR anyone else's event 

    ALSO I'm assuming a Muslim person  wouldn't have pork chops available as catering item anyway, so that point is pretty much irrelevant 
      April 13, 2019 6:55 AM MDT

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    Yes, people have been sued and put our of business because they refused to cater an event. Which means people are being forced to cater an event. 

    Anything is prepare as food.   It is called the grocery store....Muslims do buy their food there. Should a Muslim caterer be forced to purchase and prepare pork chops if their client wanted it? This post was edited by my2cents at April 13, 2019 8:22 AM MDT
      April 13, 2019 8:10 AM MDT

  • sued under what circumstances? blatant discrimination? it's no different than refusing to serve someone based on their race. 

    and no not everything is available. most caterers have a full menu and options to choose from. 

    and even IF they were willing to just make anything their client wanted saying "I'm not preparing porkchops because I'm a muslim" is not anywhere near the same as "I'm not catering your wedding because you're gay and I dont like gays". The Muslim caterer isn't outright refusing to help them, they just have an option to choose something else. AND considering the research people put into finding a caterer I'm sure they wouldn't do something as distasteful as ask their Muslim caterer for porkchops  
      April 13, 2019 8:26 AM MDT

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    You own a bakery. You bake cakes. Why does it matter to you at all who buys them? I don't get it. If a gay couple wish to marry supplying them with a cake does not mean you have to "approve" of the wedding m2c. They are not asking for your approval. They just want buy your cake. What's the big deal? I'm gonna ask. Thank you for your reply! :)
      April 13, 2019 10:39 AM MDT

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    If they just come in a buy a problem. If the baker is expected to make a specific cake and/or deliver it.  That is a problem for some people.
      April 13, 2019 12:02 PM MDT

  • i actually am god and i approve this message

    just let people love who they want to love, as long as it's two consenting adults who gives a crap. 
      April 13, 2019 6:42 AM MDT

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    I am a fan and have been all my life. I was taught that GOD IS LOVE so I would expect that reply from you. I watched the TV show "Joan of Arcadia" decades ago. You showed up each week as a different person. I watch "God Friended Me" currently. You work in wondrous ways your miracles to perform. I talk to you daily and I do not expect you to answer. Just keep listening. Thank you for your reply god and Happy Saturday! :) This post was edited by RosieG at April 13, 2019 10:36 AM MDT
      April 13, 2019 10:34 AM MDT