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Why have public washrooms in Europe become so much messier than they were barely four years ago?

On a recent trip to Europe, I found the cleaning lady seemed to be forever busy mopping up after the occupant left the cubicle. She actually thanked and commended me for leaving it so clean and dry. 

Posted - June 9, 2019


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    What I know about Europe could fill the head of a pin.  But, from this clueless perspective, maybe I can be of help simply because I am looking at it from this distance.  I have heard that Europe has just terrible plumbing and electricity problems everywhere.  I am not sure if this is even valid anymore, but I have heard that from travelers who were not ME.

    Maybe some decline in CASH is responsible.  Maybe some change in politics or maybe everything finally broke down and the European faction that is responsible has such poor government that they simply ignored the problem.  Kind of like that Notre Dame Cathedral burning down.  

    Bad infrastructure.  Soon to be America if Trump stays in power.  
      June 9, 2019 9:55 AM MDT

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    Washrooms throughout Europe change character and management depending on the site.
    In general, one finds more modern facilities in the Germanic, Northern and wealthier countries, and more basic or primitive in the south and poorer countries.
    In Fodor's guide it says, "If you love only the best food but care greatly about toilets, you will need to eat in France and go to the toilet in England."

    I remember camping for six weeks beside the Lac de Paladru in Province. The toilets were pits in cubicles. The floor was solid concrete with a pear shape hole over which one had to squat. No toilet paper was provided and there were no wash basins. I took a large bottle of water, a couple of cloth washers, and a couple of opaque plastic bags with me to have a proper wash. Elsewhere, I'd wash out the wash-cloths etc. Very medieval, but it worked.
    During the early part of the summer, when most of my fellow campers were Dutch, the toilets were immaculate. As the Dutch school holidays ended, the Dutch families left. As the Italian school holidays began, the Italian families arrived.
    Within days of the change, I started to see smears of feces on the walls. It soon became so intolerable that I informed the campsite's owner, and me and my then partner left.
    I am not trying to imply that Italians have filthy toiletry habits. I've travelled widely in Italy and know this is not so. There was just something very odd about that demographic at that particular camping park.

    By contrast, in Paris, in a three-star (or more) hotel and in many other places throughout France, one would find a bidet beside every toilet. After one's or two's, I could lean sideways to turn on the taps on the bidet and adjust the temperature till it was perfect, then slide across, flush the toilet, and wash my nether parts in an endless flow of clean water. I have to say it's a very sensual (N.B. not sexual - at least not for me) and pleasant experience.
      June 9, 2019 7:31 PM MDT