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A poll about panhandling (aka begging for money):

In your opinion, are there certain places that by law, statute or regulation no one should be allowed to beg for money from strangers passing by?

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  • Harry
    Haha!  I didn't finish reading all the option before I voted and I clicked on the wrong one.  Sorry Randy.
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  • Randy D
    Randy D Harry
    You can change your vote if you like. 

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  • Harry
    Harry Randy D
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  • Merlin
    I was going to go with the two or more of the above.  That is my answer much more than the no.  People who give and do not give is their choice.  People who beg need to have manners and not push.  All advertising is doing the same thing.  A lot of times when they do it without you being aware, you end up with more junk in your house.  At least when people pan handle, you see where your money is going.  Good or bad, one the money leaves your hand, it is up to them to do as they wish.  If you don't feel they are going to spend it on something you want them to spend it on, that isn't giving.  That is controlling.  Advertising are masters at this.   They just do it in a different fashion.  It's all in how you look at it. Winks and Smiles!  
    I was in a hurry to rush down here to tell you something else.
    Not only do I like your some of your polls topics (this not being one of them) but, I think it makes it easier for people to slide from one side to the other without having to reveal  too much.  I don't have a problem with sharing.  I know though, there are some who would share more on other channels of aM but don't know how to start.  Your polls are concise, give many options other than just "yes" or "no" and make it easy to comment.  Your polls are inviting and not intimidating where you feel you MUST choice.  I think you are a master at polls Randy D.
    I also know there are some type-os on some of my suggestions and answers.  This one probably has many.  I seem to have a love affair going on with comas.  I'm trying to watch it.  Happy Giggles!
    Thank you for reading.

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  • Randy D
    Randy D Merlin
    THANK you, Merlin, for your very kind words!


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  • SavvyAnsley
    I think it shouldn't be allowed within a certain distance of schools/playgrounds/places where children congregate. While I do think that parents should teach their children to be grateful and to have compassion and be charitable, care should be taken not to expose children without adult supervision to some of what often comes with panhandlers.
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