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A poll about the Clinton presidential dynasty:

Do you think that Bill and Hillary Clinton are preparing their daughter Chelsea to run for the US presidency some day?


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  • Merlin
    This might be the most frightening poll you've been interested in polling about Randy D.  Reason being?  They might.  Please don't get me wrong
    I am not for, nor against, the Clintons.  I do know I am not knowledgeable enough about the antics that go on behind the scenes to make a very accurate diagnosis of the situation.  Either way, for the sake of Chelsea and her very rich husband, I hope not.  Let them live high on the hog, like they were trained to and let it be.  The Clintons have had a pull in politics for so long, I think they have made their point.  
    Again, please know, I am very neutral when it come to Bill or Hillary.  I just hope, for her own sake,  they don't urge Chelsea into politics and government. She was already born into it.  I think their family has already gone down in history enough.

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  • Randy D
    Randy D Merlin

    Thank you, Merl!  You always have the best answers!


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  • Merlin
    Merlin Randy D
    Thank you Randy D!  A compliment goes far with and I send it back to you.  If you didn't ask so interesting and fun questions and polls, I wouldn't be able to give such answers and suggestions!  Happy! Happy!
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