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Who among us here has NEVER used Uber* at all? (I'm first.) ~

A brief overview: Uber, a U.S.-based online-accessed public transportation service, matches its drivers with potential customers who need rides, and the two parties rate each other to achieve probability of future use.  A majority of the drivers use their own private vehicles, while a small number of them lease vehicles from the company.

*The company's name is spelled without an umlaut because it was founded in the United States, a country where alphabet of the dominant language (English) does not feature umlauts. 

A. I, just like you, Randy D, have never been a customer of Uber.

B. I've only used their service once or twice, or only for receiving deliveries, but never as a passenger. 

C. I'm disqualified from answering because I use their service all the time.

D. Why can't you save me 15% on my auto insurance, Randall D?  Answer me that, you cad.

E.  I can't take time to answer right now; I'm busy creating an Uber account on my phone.

F.  I've never even heard of that company or its service before.

G. Two or more of the above, namely, _____________________________.

H. None of the above/other answer, namely, _____________________________.

March 03, 2017.

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