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What items or objects have you accidentally thrown away?

For instance, you have trash and other items in your hands and you mistake one for the other, keeping the trash and throwing away the non-trash item, or you are holding something and absentmindedly throw it into the trash, etc.

• Footnote: Canadian, British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Australian, New Zealander, and peoples in/from associated colonies and former colonies, please substitute the word "rubbish" for the word "trash".  Thanks, mates!

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    I don't know the piles of paper money I've discarded were necessarily accidental, sometimes a man just needs to clear a place for company to sit and with so many huge piles of cash, sometime it just has to go.

    •  Another footnote, or maybe a handnote: Locals in Hawaii call trash rubbish. Maybe this is because the British were the first to invade Hawaii?

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  • Randy D
    Randy D
    Thanks, good point!  Even the state flag bears a reminder of that influence.


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  • Walt O'Reagun
    Walt O'Reagun
    All of my elementary-school class photos.
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  • Merlin
    Randy, if you dumpster dived my trash, you would be rich in finds and money!!  You might even drive away a car or two!! ;) :)
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  • Randy D
    Randy D Merlin

    Randy D immediately books a flight and grabs a box full of black, unused trash bags.

    (Hey, wait a minute . . . )


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  • Merlin
    Merlin Randy D
    Randy D~
    Malone, head down in his work, behind a Bed Bath & Beyond in Austin, Texas.
    How was your flight?  As I was snapping this shot of you last night, I didn't have an opportunity to ask.  How was flying the friendly skies?  Or is that your own private plane.  You know.  The one you can afford because of all the money you've saved working your day job.  I'm sure you live free with all the treasures you've found and resold while doing your 'fun night job!"  Big giggles.

    Words of thought that you've already mastered:

      There’s always been an allure to treasure hunting. The thrill of the unknown, the immense satisfaction of unearthing something of value, and the golden pride of knowing you got this precious item for nothing more than a little time and energy spent. Essentially, for free. It’s a glittering concept.

    My trash is in the dumpster next to this one.  If you find the keys to my classic XKE Jaguar and the keys to my Yacht, please let me know.  The Yacht is starting to grow barnacles on top of barnacles and the jag is getting bored just sitting in our 18 car garage.  I'll let you drive it around the block if you bring me back the keys?!?!! You are such a fun playmate Randy D!!  Take Care and see ya soon! Winks and smiles, Merl 

    May 4, 2017

  • Randy D
    Randy D Merlin
    I never even got to finish my trip . . . 


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  • Jane S
    Jane S
    I accidentally threw away a library book once and another time I tossed my work ID badge. 
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  • Randy D


  • Randy D

    Tell me!  Tell me now!


    May 31, 2017