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Is correct/proper tilde-placement an art, or a science?

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  • <i>Benedict Arnold</i>
    Benedict Arnold
    Randy, I am an exquisite work of art, not science, and as such I only relate to things on a deeply artistic level.  I believe the beautiful and stunning, yet undeservedly underrated and oft-maligned tilde to surely be the pinnacle of artistic expression.  If only we could all achieve tildedom.  Perhaps by proper usage and placement of this masterpiece of written expression, we will all one day be worthy of the tilde.

  • Merlin
    Merlin Benedict Arnold
    Good Morning Winged Wonder~ I just read this!  I also think it is very artistic.  See?  I knew I liked your style.. Big smiles.  Have a great day
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  • Merlin
    Oh My Randy D~ For me, it is art exclusively.  It is very similar to how I would write you a personal letter.  My handwriting has many tilde-looking waves and moves throughout the letters.  I use it for that reason only.  Spanish is a lovely language; however, I didn't study it in business school. It wasn't part of the curriculum.  I lived in Colorado at the time and there didn't seem to be a big call for learning any language but English. Where I live now it should be mandatory. . 
    Linguistics is a science.  If I were to use the tilde as it was intended, it would be considered part of a science/study that is needed for correct spellings and punctuation.
    As a general rule, it is part of correctly spelling Spanish words and be considered a graphic part of the Science.  I've never been one for actually using things for their intentional design.  I am sure it wasn't put on my keyboard for the reasons I choose to use it. ;)

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  • Livvie
    I have it down to a science.  Proper tilde placement is essential in order to get maximum pleasure from it.
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  • Randy D
    Randy D Livvie

      Hey, wait . . .


    June 11, 2018

  • Jane S
    Jane S
    I would prefer it if everyone used tildes for the purpose for which they are intended. The frivolous placement of tildes as decoration is deeply offensive to me.
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  • Randy D
    Randy D Jane S

    Those Tild-Anon support groups won't go to you, young lady; you have to go to them.


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    It is a frivolity of no merit what so ever.
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