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What is the biggest consideration when choosing an airline?

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  • Merlin
    Hi Slartibartfast~ I would like to add not only does price make a difference but if it is a direct flight.  Having layovers can be fun but more often a real drag :) :)
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  • LyricalOne
    E. Indoor Seating
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  • Merlin
    Merlin LyricalOne
    Indoor seating is a HUGE Benefit.  Even if you are going for the wind blown look, 500 mph is a bit hard on the make-up.  I'm with ya LyricalOne.  I'd pay a little extra if I could have it. 
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  • LyricalOne
    LyricalOne Merlin
    Outdoor seats had much better views but the prices were way out of line. Mama didn't raise no fools. 
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  • Randy D
    Randy D

    I don't prefer one airline company over any other; when I need to book a flight, the airline is the least of my concerns and one of the very last items on my criteria in the process. 


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  • Merlin
    Merlin Randy D
    Captain Randy~ This is the Answering-Poll Control and we have been alerted that your answer to the recent poll, conducted by Slartibartfast, was flying under answering-poll criteria and altitude. You answered only what are the least of your concerns.  You neglected to fulfill the obligation of sharing with the group the most prominent of your travel demands.  You almost made a safe poll-answering landing; however, the record shows you were coming in clean, bailed out and pulled the string. 
    Randy, if you would please tell the rest of the class what travel needs you stress.
    We can then pass you on your poll-answering test.

    Good Luck Randy!  We're cheering you on!!

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  • Merlin
    Merlin Merlin
    Randy,   What WERE (not are) the least of your concerns...   Sorry.  It should have been plural not singular. I didn't catch it.  Sorry.
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    The air that I am traveling in.  Am I going to a good place or a crappy place.  That is the main thing I am thinking about here.  Good trip or rotten?   Like am I going to Jamaica or Beirut?

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  • Merlin
    It might be inappropriate to use this terminology right now, but Shar to the Rona, I am cracking up!  On that note, I must go.

    I have to run to the store to buy this guy some deodorant and some swim trunks that fit his body type!
    If I have enough money left over, maybe a shirt and some long Bermuda shorts?! :)


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  • SavvyAnsley
    Whether or not I've met the deductible on my health insurance. 
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  • Salt and Red Pepper
    Salt and Red Pepper
    First and foremost they have to actually have service between where I'm starting from to my destination. If they don't have that it's a deal-breaker.
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  • HarryDemon
    There was a couple who had their flight cancelled by Ryanair, so they rebooked with Monarch. I would say that competence, and not being about to go bust, were the top factors.
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  • Malizz
    It helps if they don't cancel flights en masse.
    October 2, 2017