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  • I see there are many changes on the AM format. I wonder if they are temporary. I can't even ask a question.
  • On a tour bus in tropical North Queensland the driver announced that we would soon reach the most important tree in Australia. He parked at a rest stop and pointed at a plain, concrete construction, saying, “There it is. A lavatree.” It’...
  • Somebody on’s Q&A community asked why we have “bad” language. Goodness me, it would be a sad old world if we couldn’t give vent to the occasional expletive. Some people’s conversation is awash with them, others rarely...
  • Koukaku no Pandora
  • If you've ever seen a street parade in an old movie you'll be familiar with the "ticker tape" thrown from office windows as the parade passes below. When it wasn't being used as street litter that tape was also used in teletypes and, after use, could be t...
  • "Give me a U, give me a C...." As Country and the Fish sang at Woodstock. Trump ,PETrump has decided to leave our nuuclear aarsenal "home alone" as Stephen Colbert so abbly put it.I really don't care about the inane Tweets,or the newest rantings about Hol...
  • Have you ever seen somebody wearing a lapel pin in the form of a question mark? And were you ever tempted to ask, “What’s the question?” Beware! You have just invited an amateur evangelist to bend your ear for as long as it takes you to ...
  • I spent he 1980s competing in triathlon, which meant that all free time had to be used for training. At lunchtime I walked a kilometre to a public change room near Sydney Harbour, spent the next half hour running 6.5 km, then showered and walked back to w...
  • Not the best day for me today.. still unwell, tho getting better... took me all day to get the christmas decs down... I'd anticipated a couple of hours, a few more to do the other chores and maybe a rest and a film to reward myself - didn't work out that ...
  • 2016 was one heck of a year and I have to say, I am sure glad to be done with it. I know a lot of you have been asking development/ glitch-related questions and I want to address what’s happening with that. If your curiosity will be satisfied by hea...

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I am hopeful for a better year

  • Last year was very depressing and sad for me and didn't go the way I wanted it to, but I am hoping that I am able to find peace with my self this year and to not be depressed anymore. The reason for my sadness is mostly because I lost a lot of my good friends because of my ex so I am awfully lonely and hope to make new friends this year and to finish my major in computer science once and for all. If I am able to accomplish those two things then I'll be truly happy so I will remain hopeful and pray for the best of what 2017 has to offer.



  • DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    I hope 2017 is *your* year... things have been pretty tough for you from what you say.. so really you are due for a break..  I love the way that even though you have had a rough time you do still have that little spark of optimism. that's what will save you... you have hope and while you have hope you will keep on going forward and will welcome new opportunities.. 

    Wishing 2017 is everything you hope for and more 

    January 6

  • HamSolo
    HamSolo DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    Thanks so much for the kind and caring words and I hope that this year is also everything that you've hoped for as well :)
    January 6