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  • I'll try to conversate.  About a subject that no one cares about.  Talk about a challenge.  …ANTHEM.  You just gotta hear about this place.  I'll try and be interesting.  First of all, it's in Arizona and is in North P...
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  • I'll try to conversate.  About a subject that no one cares about.  Talk about a challenge.  …

    ANTHEM.  You just gotta hear about this place.  I'll try and be interesting.  First of all, it's in Arizona and is in North Phoenix.  I happened upon this place, in spite of my living here about 25 years now, by accident, while looking for a job.  

    I should have known I was entering the THE TWILIGHT ZONE when the boss of the spa I interviewed at hired me right on the spot?  She liked ME?  

    Then?  I get my first paycheck.  It was larger by far than any paycheck I had received from any other Hand and Stone I worked for.  ????

    It gets even scarier.  THEN?  I work on the customers.  They are NICE and good tippers.  They all need breast pillows because they have all had implants.  (the women)  The men need their legs worked on from so much jogging.

    The co-workers are like family.  I walked into this place and we all just got along like we knew each other for years.  It is NOT NORMAL.  I don't make friends this easily.  

    It is the only place that SNOWED around here.  I got to work in a torrential downpour and I drive 25 minutes to work and it is white with snow. In Arizona?

    Unheard of.  No one gets divorced.  They are all HAPPY.  I have never worked on so many people that have full families and husbands and wives they adore.

    What is in the water here?  

    Oh and the GROCERY STORE has a BAR right in the middle of the store and plays loud and good rock music.


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  • Danilo_G
    Hmm I just read a little bit about the place... I don't trust those giant Christmas decorations either. Bet they're a sort of offering.

    Aside from that, sounds like you're enjoying yourself and have good reason to!

    March 29

    Hey Danillo,

    I suck at blogging because I don't want to take the time to do it justice.  


    But it is so NICE, so DAMNED nice, something is WRONG here.  It is a TRAP, I swear.  I just don't know what the plan is yet.

    I think they may be aliens.  Those decorations are HUGE by the way.  I saw them first hand. LOL

    Imagine.  A nice BAR serving anything you want, right in the middle of the grocery store.  LOL 

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  • Danilo_G
    Danilo_G SAY MY NAME
    Hahah, I genuinely feel like you could be filming some comedic Cloverfield.
    March 29