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How do I get rid of the "Mobile Chat" button?

We updated our chat service on 3/18/18. The new service includes a button at the bottom of mobile devices which reads: "Mobile Chat."

For those who don't like to chat or would prefer to have a cleaner screen, you can hide this button.

To get rid of the box:
1) Click the box at the bottom that says "mobile chat." 
2) Click the wrench on the top right.
3) Hit the toggle on/off switch next to "Hide mobile chat tab on site."
4) Exit back out and resume surfing, sans button. 

If you ever want the button back, you can visit the chat section by clicking "Chat" in the main menu under "Muggers."

Desktop users don't have the same box. Instead, they have a bar which runs cross the bottom of the screen. Although the chat bar cannot be removed, it can be minimized into a tiny little square by clicking the arrow on the lower right corner of the screen.