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How do I log off/ onto chat?

As of 3/18/18, our chat service has changed. Functionality with the new system is improved, but it works a little differently. 

To Be Available
You'll automatically be marked available for private one-on-one chats unless you stop using your computer or the site for  few minutes. Then, your status will be switched to "idle."  You'll automatically become active again once you start using the site.

To Be Unavailable

If you don't want to chat with other Muggers, you can mark yourself as "unavailable."
-Open the chat.
-Click the gear on the top right of the box.
-Click "Available to Chat" to remove the check mark. 

To Join a Chat Room
We have a general chat room for all Muggers.
-Click the pink and blue chat bubbles in the chat bar.
-Select the room you wish to join. (The main room is the primary chat hub)
-Chat and follow the general site rules.
-Exit the room by hovering over the title of the room and clicking the "x" next to it.