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I have no talent and maybe that's why I'm such a great appreciator of the talents of others. Are you?

Posted - July 31


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    I can cook, handle tools, a conversation, a horse, and a pen.

    You're a wiz with numbers and questions, and you were a natural teacher when raising your son and Old Skool.

    But here's a question for you...

    is there a reason why you choose not to answer questions on the main board?

      July 31, 2020 1:47 PM MDT

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    Hi there honey! I'm confined to my place here Manna. Just Asking created this space for me. She said I was driving folks crazy because of the kinds of questions I ask. The people who moniter the site were very frustrated because they didn't know where to put my questions. So Just Asking asked me if I would mind having a space where I could ask all my questions and never have to frustrate anyone. Of course I think that is an ideal solution so I've been here for a few years. I'm happy here. People have to come find me and since I'm not everyone's cuppa tea it suits me. I'm the last selection on the list..not in alphabetical order. But my pals know where to find me and sometimes newbies accidentally happen upon me. So lovely to hear from you. How are you and your family doing? VERY SAFE I hope and well? You flatter me and I appreciate your kindness. Are there any questions you'd like me to answer? Just drop by and ask them and I will be happy to answer them for you! Take care m'dear and Happy Saturday!  Love, Rosie ((hugs)) On second thought I did not answer your question.

    As you know my head is always filled with bazillions of questions and if I don't ask them I will probably be driven mad. The questions are never-ending so I never have time to go out of my space to see what is going on elsewhere. On Answerbag early on I tried to ANSWER as many questions as I ASKED. I tried to balance it out. Here? Well I'm a different person now I guess because asking questions is all I do. When things don't make sense I ask about them because maybe they will make sense to others and they can explain it to me so that I will understand. It's a never-ending struggle. I have no idea what goes on in those other neighborhoods. So did I answer your question? Sorry for being so wordy. But you know me. If I can answer with ten words I choose 50. :) This post was edited by RosieG at August 1, 2020 5:07 AM MDT
      August 1, 2020 2:37 AM MDT

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    So lovely to read this gorgeous reply, Rosie.

    I do have a few questions.

    What do you think are Trump's most realistic chances at this coming election?

    How likely is it that Americans will protest against the results because of the overburdened postal systems?

    How are the politics shaping up in California?

    I've been well, and so has Ari (hubby).
    No other family left alive because we never had kids, but we do have an extended family of friends and, thankfully, they're all doing well - including Dede who has triumphed over cancer.

    Ari and I have decided to put our place on the market on the 1st Sept - and will downsize when it sells.
    Looking after 64 acres has become too much work, and more expensive that we can afford.
    Ari will miss the views, but I'll be grateful to spend more time reading and writing.
    If I can manage to still keep a couple of horses I will - otherwise I'll have to find a good home for them.

    My writing's going well - small successes locally.
    Once in a while it gives me hope despite the odds.

    Do you still hear from Old Skool? If so, how is he?
    How is your son these days - still a professor in Hawaii? Still loving what he does?

    When you're not on AnswerMug, what are the things you love doing best?


      August 2, 2020 7:51 AM MDT

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    Hi Manna and Happy Sunday my friend.
    Chances of pumpkina**WINNING re-election honestly honorably without cheating? WHEN PIGS FLY. But COULD he be re-elected? Yes. Here's how. Mail delivery is already being slowed now. The excuse? Cut out overtime to save money. His postmaster was told to slow things down so he is. Also pumpkin a** is floating making absentee ballots ILLEGAL. It will only be legal for military away from home or for pumpkina** who lives in Washington, D.C. but his legal address is in Florida. Old people or ill people who vote by mail for convenience won't be allowed to vote at all. See how quickly he can skew things? Also the red state (REPUBLICAN controlled) governors have for years been closing polling places to give fewer options. Also reducing voting hours. Forcing students to go back home to vote than vote on campus as they always could. Then as the final piece d' resistance? Have what I call mystery meat thugs paramilitarily clothed unidentified with loaded weapons dispatched to every polling location to intimidate. Pumpkina** may go as far as to have all ballots be taken to the office for counting. I bet you think I'm joking. I'm not He has already broken many laws and has gotten away with it. We have a puppet Attorney General who rolls over for pumpkina** and does his bidding. The only law so far that worked against pumpkina** is when the Supreme Court rules against him which it did recently TWICE. But the deck is stacked there. Of the 9 Justices 5 are Conservatives. Also there is an active disinformation campaign that has been going on since the last election. Hacking by Russia never stopped. There is something called DEEPFAKE video and audio which I've heard makes it impossible to differentiate between ACTUAL and MANUFACTURED. See how much is going on to work against a free and fair election?

    So folks are complaining now and pointing out things now and seeing how they stop the bad stuff going now. We know it will be very grim and hard and tough but those of us who don't support pumpkina** are doing and saying whatever we can to keep shouting out about what he is trying to do. As for questioning the results of the election it will be pumpkina** who does that. He has stated emphatically that the election will be rigged..the worst case of rigging ever in the history of the world. He is always using hyperbole to scare folks and his adoring worshippers are petrified all the time because of that. We who despise him don't scare so easily.

    As for California have several Californians whom Biden is considering as his running mate. We also have Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Eric Swawell and a host of other Dems who are out and about and working hard to keep this country from falling apart or blowing up! I am exceeding proud of the DEM pols from California. They do a wonderful jobs trying to do the jobs for which we elected them. As for the virus it's surging and spiking very badly. We are now the state with largest number of cases and possibly deaths but I'm not sure of that. But of course there are almost 40 million Californians so it stands to reason we'd have more. Glad you and Ari are doing well. Fingers cross it stays that way. Where will you move to?

    Old School lives in Arizona and we chat via email and on the phone. He used to come visit but not since Covid and when next no one knows. My son loves his job and living in Hawaii but Covid has destroyed the tourist industry in Hawaii as I'm sure you can appreciate. I LOVE to COOK and when I'm doing that or on Answermug I have favorite TV shows I watch. All in all it's a good life. The only very bad part is pumpkina** and what he has done to our country and what he will continue to do until he draws his last breath. We need a DEUS EX MACHINA. A MIRACLE. Till next we speak I hope I didn't give you eyestrain sweetie! Take care and STAY SAFE! Love, Rosie ((HUGS))
      August 2, 2020 8:30 AM MDT