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When did the last ice age end?

Posted - May 30


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    It's only 48 degrees outside and 62 in my apartment, so I believe the Ice Age is still ongoing.
      May 30, 2021 6:57 AM MDT

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    91 minutes after it started.

      May 31, 2021 12:01 AM MDT

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    We are still in the Ice Age, a time of long, slow cold and warm alternations over cycles of about 100 000 years, but the last glacial phase often called "the Ice Age" is considered to have "ended" about 11 000 years ago. I think they mean by that, the time of most rapid rate of change.

    The Polar and high-altitude ice cover shows we are still thawing from that, but the present warming due to human activities is considerably accelerating the natural change.

    If left to Nature the resulting climate change and sea-level rise would take millennia yet, but at least none of us here will be around to endure the results. Especially if it is the end of the Ice Age as a whole, and not an interglacial phase.
      June 3, 2021 4:53 PM MDT

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    I disagree with the human activities being to blame.  But you are correct...we are still in an ice age. 
      June 3, 2021 4:58 PM MDT