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#2 -- With just this picture, do you recognize the movie?

Posted - February 19, 2022


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    I will use the same reply for everyone who answered my question (except for the one answermugger who correctly answered all three of my recent movie questions):

    this one is director Gus Van Sant's "Elephant"

    Wow - - what a movie!!   

    no plot spoiler here- -

    Disturbing subject matter: The movie is about a high school shooting. But Van Sant's cast and his directing style are flawless to me!
    -- the 'camera style' is in "real time" -- the camera literally follows the highschoolers from class to class, and throughout their day school / etc. For instance, the guy in the picture here - -the camera follows him from the field through his entrance into school building. This style works so well for me as a movie watcher in this particular movie with this particular subject matter.
    Thanks for answering, my2cents! :)
      February 20, 2022 6:57 PM MST