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Is 16 fires at US food plants in 4 months, normal occurrence or is something else going on?

General Mills plant in Iowa a roof fire,

General Mills facility in Covington, Georgia where a small plane crashed into the plant.

Azure Standard

Salinas, California Taylor Farms California Foodservice

50,000 pounds of food were lost to a fire at the Maricopa Food Pantry

Rio Fresh onion packing facility in San Juan, Texas

New Hampshire's East Conway Beef and Pork slaughterhouse had a major fire

Penobscot McCrum potato processing plant in Belfast, Maine.

Hot Pockets at a Nestle plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas. 

Walmart fulfillment center, Plainfield, Indiana.

Shearer’s Foods potato chip plant in northeast Oregon.

Wisconsin River Meats site in Mauston.

Cargill-Nutrena plant in Lecompte, Louisiana.

A poultry processing plant in Hamilton, Ontario

A food processing plant in San Antonio, Texas.

Maid-Rite Steak Company meat processing plant in Scott Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

JVS USA beef processing plant in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Patak Meat Products in Cobb County, Georgia.

Tyson Foods River Valley Ingredients rendering plant in Hanceville, Alabama.

Kellogg's plant in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Monmouth, Illinois.

Deli Star meat processing plant in Fayetteville, Illinois 

Posted - May 5, 2022


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    Your fact check does not list any other 4 month period where 16 food processing plants caught fire. 

    It says there 5000+ fires in manufacturing facilities  per year. 

    If they want to actually provide a real fact check.....they would list a 4 month time frame and then list at least 16 FOOD processing facilities  BY NAME and DATE that they caught fire.
      May 6, 2022 6:18 PM MDT

  • 1243
    Your own post says that neither the NFPA nor the NFIRS provide numbers specific to food processing plants.  Therefore, FactCheck couldn't report SPCIFICALLY, how may fires took place at food processing plants in any given 4 month period.  Don't you even read what YOU, YOURSELF post?
      May 7, 2022 9:43 AM MDT

  • 30642
    YOUR is the fact check YOU linked to. If they could not do a proper fact check then perhaps they should have just said they do not have enough information to perform fact check.

    They say it is not more than normal and then say they do not have specific numbers for just food processing facilities.....that is not a fact check.   You have to compare apples to apples, they are comparing apples to the apple tree. 

    Snopes attempted a fact check. They listed 26 fires in food facilities in 2019....but that was for the YEAR.  Right now, we are at 16 for 4 months....if that rate continues then we will 48 for the 85% increase....for whatever reason. This post was edited by my2cents at May 7, 2022 5:43 PM MDT
      May 7, 2022 5:41 PM MDT

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    Jehovah's Witnesses.
      May 6, 2022 9:59 AM MDT