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How do I solve the computer App program issues?

If someone who know the other program game Apps to iPad, iPhone, etc. respond to here,
and then I need response about each day of whatever app problems I really need to be fixed.

Posted - March 17, 2023


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    On June's Journey Puzzle Game App that I have installed in my iPhone.
    I tried play the ad video to get 10 Energy Points instead of 15 Energy Points to use on play each Object Finding Play in the Scene, then that June's Journey App got suddenly (shut-off), & it even (shut-off) if I try open it back up again-sometimes.
    Is there anyone who know more about this June's Journey game?
    I just shut-down the iPhone, waited 20 sec, before turn it back on, then after I got back to that puzzle game June's Journey, it still don't stop it from (shutting-off) from try play the ad video again, or to just set-up/play the June's Journey (again).
    Do You know what else I should try doing on this June's Journey App to solve the game (shut-off) issues so I can still get the ad video play through & to get that 10 Energy Points to spend on each play?
    I went in the June's Journey information in Phone's App Store & Wrote a Review-I did that! And I don't know where I will get the response from after it.
    And I don't want to delete any of that June's Journey App, or that Puzzle Game App would start all over from it!
    See if can find other options that else I should 'try' do on that(?)

    Will tell you about the other game Apps that might be having some problems too-later - This post was edited by DannyPetti at March 18, 2023 9:01 AM MDT
      March 18, 2023 6:59 AM MDT