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A strange Parking Lot/Vehicle question - - -

For someone who has a Startle Reaction and who also tends to Overthink  - -  why do vehicles need a loud "horn announcement" simply to tell the owner that the vehicle is locked?

I drive carefully, and walk defensively, in parking lots --  countless times I hear horns beeping and immediately think "Whoa! I'm going to hit someone!" Or, "Am I walking into the path of someone's driving?"

And, lo - - someone simply locked their vehicle.

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Posted - May 29, 2023


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    And your answer is interesting, too.

    All the answers here have been fun for me to get. And thanks for your answer.
    Thriftymaid makes a good point, too -- the beeps I hear are very short, not long and blaring. However, with my having a startle reaction, even those short beeps can make me jump.
    And I still sort of find the beeping/locked noise meaningless.
    Following this "announcement rationale"why shouldn't we all, then, when exiting our vehicles, scream, "I'M WALKING NOW AWAY FROM MY VEHICLE!"

      June 18, 2023 5:05 PM MDT