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Discussion » Questions » Legal » Sheri Dillon, PET attorney, says that it would be impossible for Trump to sell off his assets. The reason is listed below. Do you buy it?

Sheri Dillon, PET attorney, says that it would be impossible for Trump to sell off his assets. The reason is listed below. Do you buy it?

She said it with a straight face too without choking on her words. She said that the process of selling off all his assets would create even more possible conflicts. Another unsubstantiated pronouncement from an ignoramus. Others have done  that very thing. Sold off ALL their assets. Yes. At a loss. So what? She is ridiculous and a very bad attorney if she thinks what she said makes any sense. It doesn't. It is ludicrous but as usual these pronouncement makers NEVER provide details to back up the allegations. They just say whatever the he** they think will work and do not expect to be questioned about it. Do you question or just sit quietly there and swallow it whole? Why?

Posted - January 12


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    Hi Rosie.  I actually believe her.  If he sold off his assets we would find out his liabilities are higher than his assets and he would be broke.  That definitely "would create more possible conflicts."  

    Fun fact:  Did you know that of all presidents & presidential candidates, he leads the pack in the number of lawsuits both filed against him & suits he has filed against others.  This was published before the election:

      January 12, 2017 5:27 PM MST

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    Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful answer Harry and the link you provided. I appreciate both. Here's  the thing. Walter Shaub, Chief of the Office of Government Ethics, has said that Trump is not in compliance. That divesting himself of  ALL business interests will be the only way to insure that he will not benefit from any decisions he makes. Mr. Shaub emphasized that ALL those who go into government in high positions are EXPECT ED to do that and they almost always lose a lot of money doing so. Mr Shaub said that being president of the United States is worth the financial loss and that anything less than complete divestiture is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Of course Trump will get away with anything he wants. You know all his decisions will be focused on getting the most for himself, his cronies, his family. He refuses to release tax returns so we can never know how many foreign governments he sleeps with. The worshippers who adore him don't give a shi** about any of it. Why shouldn't he take advantage of all the sheep? They knew he was a wolf and voted for him anyway. They deserve to be shorn. :(
      January 13, 2017 4:31 AM MST

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    No, the sheep don't believe he is a wolf.  I am surrounded by them where I live.  They really think he is our messiah.  They have turned a deaf ear to all his lies and think all his bluster is refreshing.

    I absolutely agree with Walter Shaub.  I believe either Trump just won't comply or, more than likely, if he is really put under pressure as he should be, he will just transfer his assets into his children's & wife's name.  As a matter of fact, I'm sure he has his attorneys and accountants sorting all that out now along with adjusting his tax returns into an acceptable format for publishing.  lol.

    Rosie, I have to run.  Have a wonderful day and I hope to catch up with you later.
      January 13, 2017 4:56 AM MST

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    Why should he have to? No President before him has.
    He has said the sons will run the business. What more do you want? Unless you actually want him to sell everything..... again why? And then if we are going to apply one standard it must be applied to all. 
      January 13, 2017 5:15 AM MST