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Boss Lady
  • I think it would be something like this. Trump would  like to remind you of a very important date. - yada yada yada - Sept. 30th deadline to pass a funding bill. - y...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - Thu at 2:28 PM
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  • I think it would easily fill up a cube van plus they would have to cram the following new evidence in the cube van glove box.
    Trump's long-time assistant told federal investigators...  more
    Last post by Jane S - Mon at 8:21 PM
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  • Link to casehttps://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/news/pennsylvania-attorney-general-office-receives-new-evidence-in-mysterious-death-of-ellen-greenberg/Link to petition to reopen t...  more
    Last post by WelbyQuentin - Fri at 10:05 PM
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  • https://www.krqe.com/news/investigations/video-family-rushing-to-save-dogs-life-held-at-gunpoint-by-police/
    Last post by my2cents - September 10
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  • I have always like her for a few reasons like - she has an excellent taste in accessorizing her outfits in a economical type of way. And she has the kind of name tha...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - September 8
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  • Some States are looking at keeping Trump off the ballot with the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment, Section 3 says "No person shall...hold any office, civil or military, unde...  more
    Last post by Jane S - September 4
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  • During his 7 hour long deposition Donald J Trump said/demanded  that the trial should be shut down. Then he went on a rant about how unfair the trial is and how he saved milli...  more
    Last post by Stu Spelling Bee - September 3
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  • House Republican are trying to use the upcoming government funding deadline of Sept. 30th as leverage to undermine Trump's prosecutions. Republicans are looking at ways t...  more
    Last post by Jane S - August 29
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  • One of the subjects in the Trump Caralson interview last night was Jeffrey Epstein. They talked about the possibility that Epstein was murdered in prison and the possibil...  more
    Last post by Spunky - August 27
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  • Hello:I've mentioned 1st Amendment audits on these pages several times with NO response. If you haven't heard of them you will in short order.  It's a growing grass roots phen...  more
    Last post by Boss Lady - August 20
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  • Today a federal judge granted former U.S. President Donald Trump leeway to publicly share some non-sensitive evidence. But she warned him to tread carefully before making inflammat...  more
    Last post by Jane S - August 12
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  • Last February Jack Smith obtained a sealed warrant to search Donald J Trump's Twitter account. Twitter refused to comply  with the order at first and they were fined  $35...  more
    Last post by Nanoose - August 10
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  • Almost everybody else actually found guilty of sexual assault finds himself making little rocks out of big ones, at least for a short stretch.
    Last post by Jane S - July 31
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