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Discussion » Questions » Relationships » In order to "love thy neighbor" is it necessary to rob another neighbor?

In order to "love thy neighbor" is it necessary to rob another neighbor?

Posted - November 15, 2018


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    Never. To love someone means to put them ahead of yourself.

    People nowadays have different concepts on the definition of "love".  It ranges anywhere from copulation to doing good things for others.  As such, many don't understand or misinterpret what "loving one's neighbor" actually means or encompasses.  In fact, many don't know that "love thy neighbor" is only part of the entire quote.  The entire quote reads, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."  (yes, it's from the bible).  Virtually everyone knows what a good Samaritan is; we use the term nearly every day to describe a stranger who helps out another.  Law enforcement use the term "good sam" to describe them.  However, what does the "as thyself" part mean? (Note: thyself means yourself in modern language)  Isn't loving oneself called being vain?  If you're hungry, what do you do?  Do you tell yourself "be fed" and go about your business?  If your cold what do you do?  Do you take off all your clothes and run around outside?  Of course not.  You eat (if possible); you find a place that's warm or put on more clothing (if possible).  Basically, you take care of yourself.  That’s what it means to love your neighbor.  If you see someone – anyone - in need and you have the means to help them, do so.  THAT’S loving your neighbor!  You do for them as you would do for yourself if you were in that situation. 

    You ask if, in loving your neighbor, we should rob another neighbor in order to do that.  The obvious answer is no, as that wouldn’t be showing love to the neighbor you loved.  However, there’s more to it.  Say you see a neighbor who’s cold and starving, yet you’re starving yourself.  All you have is a tiny campfire that barely keeps you warm.  How would you show love for that person?  Answer: by doing what you can with what you have.  You may not be able to fill their belly, but you can help them get a little warmer.  Love.  

      November 15, 2018 10:24 AM MST

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      November 15, 2018 2:53 PM MST