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Do you prefer lyrics, melody or the perfect marriage of both equally? Ever write poem or a song?

Which poets and which tunesmiths  are your cuppa tea? Why ?

Posted - February 9, 2019


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    Frequently, remember Fake News Blues?

    Bob Dylan is arguably the greatest poet of our time, Iva Davies one of the great composers. I'd love to hear what the two of them could come up with if they ever collaborated. Lennon and McCartney were a great team - John the lyricist, Paul the composer. They fitted.

    Why is a question I can't answer, personal taste is entirely subjective.
      February 9, 2019 5:23 AM MST

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    You can't or refuse to R? I believe you CAN. So we disagree about this. Now logically I have some nerve telling you that you CAN do something you tell me you CAN'T. I stand firm and resolute in this OPINION. You cannot attack my opinion other than saying "How dare you opine"? Ga head. Say it. I DARE YOU!  Another thing upon which we disagree is Bob Dylan. I do not get him at all. His voice is painful to listen to. I confess I am unfamiliar with his poetic lyrics since clearly enunciating words ain't his forte. Never heard of Iva Davies. Never been hesitant to admit my ignorance as you well know. I agree about John and Paul. The Gershwins were pretty great too. Lots of tremendously talented lyricists around. Get them together with the right music and magic happens. I am a fan of magic.  Thank you for your thoughtful reply and Happy Saturday. You are still in your Saturday, correct?  Or has Sunday arrived whilst I was writing this? Some great poetic touching lyrics in some very nifty songs.

    Etcetera etcetera etcetera

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    It's easy to get Dylan, listen to the covers. Peter, Paul and Mary doing Blowin' In The Wind. The Byrds' version of Mr Tambourine Man. Manfred Mann's The Mighty Quinn. Hell, even Guns 'n' Roses Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Axl Rose isn't my cuppa tea either but I can understand him. All of the Traveling Wilburys' lyrics were also penned by Bob, if you can't follow Roy Orbison's stellar voice and clear diction you have potatoes in your ears. Incidentally,  the Sting number you referenced us simply entitled Russians, I own a copy of the single.

    I'm sticking to my guns on musical taste. I love Icehouse, you probably never heard of them. Queen. Pink Floyd. The Beatles. My taste is also eclectic, from Pachelbel to AC/DC - the only genre I really can't stand is rap.
      February 9, 2019 7:17 PM MST

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    Thank you for the information-filled reply R. How did Roy Orbison get into the conversation? I said I never could understand what Dylan said. Sounded to me as if he had a mouthful of mashed potatoes and spoke with his mouth full. Slurred words. Not my cuppa tea. I had no problem with Roy Orbison. Is he a fave of yours? Your tastes are eclectic. You say other than rap you like all genres? Even heavy metal? My taste is narrower than yours. I don't like an assault on my hearing. I like lyrical and minor key and haunting and melodic and gentle and thought-provoking and moving. Girly stuff I expect Happy Sunday! :) This post was edited by RosieG at February 10, 2019 2:22 AM MST
      February 10, 2019 2:13 AM MST

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    The Traveling Wilburys was a supergroup consisting of Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Dylan. It was a formula that couldn't lose - Harrison's melodies, Dylan's lyrics, Lynne providing the orchestrations, Petty's vocal harmonies and Orbison's ringing lead. Five singer/guitarists with a scruffy image, they could have been as big as the Beatles had it not been for the Big O's untimely death from a heart attack in 1988 following the release of the Wilburys' first album.
    I enjoy SOME heavy metal, not all. The Beatles helped invent metal, Revolution 1 with its primal scream in the intro and distorted, overdriven guitar throughout is unquestionably a metal song. George built the fuzz box in his garage, they didn't have effects pedals in the 1960s. A few of AC/DCs numbers with Bon Scott were okay, two or three of Metallica's I like (my daughter is a fan, her favourite song is Nothing Else Matters and it was me who pointed out it's a waltz, so she'll be using that one as the bridal waltz at her wedding), I wouldn't waste my money on a KISS record but I've seen them play live more than once and would again - KISS was never about the music, they're about the show.
    Lyrical and minor key and haunting and melodic - I write that stuff, I don't consider it girly in the least. This post was edited by Slartibartfast at February 10, 2019 5:53 AM MST
      February 10, 2019 5:13 AM MST

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    Even though I am sitting down you just bowled me over R. You are seriously knowledgeable about this subject. Not suprised. Just reminded. Now I had vaguely heard of Wilbury but had no clue whom they were. I am suitably impressed at the talent there. It's almost unfair to other groups. Maybe I'm confusing Roy Orbison with someone else. A blind someone with a VERY powerful voice who sang alone not with a group. And gospel music I think. Ever hear of KAI WINDING and J.J.JOHNSON? Way before your time perhaps?  I'm not that familiar with various musicians in particular bands as I am the vocalists( Steve Perry..Donald Fagan...Stevie Nicks... Sting...The ones whose voices were particularly distinctive to my ear. My son called my attention to performers he thought I'd enjoy. I was strictly jazz/classical but he opened my ears to other things I really enjoyed. Some of the bands hurt my ears. I could not understand why anyone would go nuts over them.                                                                                                                         
      February 10, 2019 5:35 AM MST

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    Orbison wasn't blind, the dark glasses were his trademark but they weren't opaque. After his wife Claudette was killed in a motorcycle wreck, and his two eldest sons soon after in a house fire, he wanted to make sure that nobody could see the pain in his eyes. He was myopic but with glasses could see perfectly well.
      February 10, 2019 5:52 AM MST

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    Oh. Thanks R. Did he ever sing church music on his own all alone? I did not know of his tragic background. That seems much more pain than anyone should have to experience in one lifetime.  :(
      February 10, 2019 6:10 AM MST

  • I do love the perfect marriage of both lyrics and melody.  And yes, I did write a poem as an assignment in one of my Composition classes back in  high school.   The teacher said he absolutely loved it, and he read it to the class which was so embarrassing for me.   I still remember the poem, although I don't have the original paper I wrote it on. I should write it down though, because one day I will probably forget.

    Oh, my favorite poet is still Jim Morrison.   Some of my favorite lyricists are  Lennon/McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Warren Haynes, Barry Gibb, and many others. This post was edited by Benedict Arnold at February 10, 2019 2:23 AM MST
      February 9, 2019 8:43 PM MST

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    Thank you for a very lovely reply to my question lavender. Could you SHARE the poem you wrote with us? That way it would be here forever. There are some songs which are haunting both in terms of the melody and the lyrics. They keep running round and round in my head. I much prefer minor key melodies. Tinged with sadness or regret or loss . Happy Sunday m'dear! So how's about that poem?
      February 10, 2019 2:25 AM MST

  • Sure.  Please remember I was just a kid - 9th or 10th grade, so it's really not one of those loving, tender kind of poems...It was a poem about Ayatollah Khomeini/Iran Hostage Crisis:

    Ayatollah's an A$$hole
    I wish he were dead
    If I had a gun,
    I'd shoot him twice in the head
    It would be so nice
    To see him that way
    I wouldn't even bury him, 
    I'd throw him in the bay
    It's where he belongs
    Along with the slime
    It wouldn't be considered
    Committing a crime
    I'd better quit dreaming
    It will never be that way
    How would he get from Iran 
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      February 10, 2019 8:14 AM MST