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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Some folks are PRANKSTERS TRICKSTERS JOKERS. They enjoy being the giver and the givee. Does that describe thee?

Some folks are PRANKSTERS TRICKSTERS JOKERS. They enjoy being the giver and the givee. Does that describe thee?

I read that some famous friends are always trying to one-up each other. George Clooney and Brad Pitt for instance. They keep trying to outdo each other. All in good fun, right? Or is it?

Seems to me the prankster enjoys making the prankee look foolish. Why would that be pleasurable to the giver and the givee? I don't get it.

I am not a fan of looking foolish nor of making others look foolish. I think that is foolish. What think thee and why?

Posted - June 10


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    It does exactly Rosie....but I do expect to take back what I dish out in return....not many get the last word in though....
    Most all  give up or give in long before I ever would....Pranks of go on for years and I will always wait my time for the best moment to arrive....  :) D
      June 10, 2019 4:30 AM MDT

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    I'm the opposite of you in that regard. I despise pranks/jokes/tricks because the goal is to make someone else look foolish. Not my cuppa tea. Folks lie in wait for the perfect time to retaliate. Again not for me. I guess  if the group with whom you hang out are all on the same wavelength with the same abilities to give and take that's fine. Consensual putdowns. Who could fault that? But that is not for me. Thank you for your reply!  :) This post was edited by RosieG at June 10, 2019 4:43 AM MDT
      June 10, 2019 4:40 AM MDT

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    I'm sorry's never about making others look foolish or done to belittle then....
    Its a very skillfull game and is not meant to be a personal jib at each other...or people...

    There are so many different meanings to the way you answer all people look past the actual words that are spoken...If they were able to they would see what they left themselves wide open for...
    Very educated top school people that think they know it all and look down their noses at everyone are the easiest people to bandy  words with...
    They hate being put down by their always takes them ages to realise as well. 
      June 10, 2019 4:56 AM MDT

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    You know I don't flirt. Never have. Flirting seems kinda phony to me. But it is what tons of people do as part of life. I just never got the point of it. I guess the same is true of pranks. Since I don't enjoy it and I avoid those who do there is no way I would ever become knowledgeable about it. As a result I remain completely ignorant of the finer points or types or methods or goals. I am not a gun person either so the finer points of owning guns is  completely and absolutely lost on me. I'm sure what you do is at the highest level but I wouldn't know about all the levels and nuances and subtleties. I am ignorant about a lot of things others take for granted or enjoy or participate in for various reasons. Different strokes! Thank you for your thoughtful reply. One prank I read about involved having tons of manure dumped on the front lawn by a prankster. I find that disgustingly deplorable. Not remotely funny. Some see humor where I only see cruelty and stupidity. That's life! :) This post was edited by RosieG at June 10, 2019 8:14 AM MDT
      June 10, 2019 5:37 AM MDT