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Is there anyone who helps with pet dental care?

I have three cats who need dental care, they all have dental disease.  The cost has been quoted to me as $1,000.00 per cat.  If any teeth have to be pulled it will be more. Do you know of any service for cats who's owners can't afford that price? 

Posted - November 26, 2019


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    You might check with Humane Society or PETA.
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    Thank you for the information and the link.  Wish I had asked sooner. 
    I emailed a message to Peta on their website.  My kitties thank you so much.  
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    Try see your local SPCA for a better deal. They charged me $500 for havingto pull 14 of my cat's teeth. That was about 12 years ago. Or just shop around. 
      November 26, 2019 11:07 AM MST

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    I will, thank you.
      November 26, 2019 11:08 AM MST

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    I live in canada. we have a small dog. My mom told me it cost around 350$ CAD for the same thing. dental care for a small dog. 

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    I ran into the same problem. The expensive part is apparently the anesthesia. At least it was in my case. They wanted like $400-500 for the anesthesia and $100 for a dental cleaning. If they found issues while in there, they would charge roughly the same for each extraction. I got estimates from two other vets in my area and they all came in close to that. I didn't even realize people had their pets' teeth cleaned until my cat was like 15. I've legit never known anyone who did it. At that stage, I just decided to wait and see. If he started having issues like failure to eat or swelling, I would have forked over the cash, but he's been ok and is now 18ish. 

    I'm not saying there's not value to it. I used to be a dental professional. At the same time... I can't see spending that kind of cash unless a cat is having issues. Might be different if I had the money to spend though. 

    If you do find a way to have it done less expensively, please let me know. 
      November 27, 2019 2:04 PM MST

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    Brush their teeth regularly - it's a whole lot cheaper.

    Yes, most of the cost is prep and anasthesia. In UK, an extraction for the cat came in at 35% of that fee. 

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