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Who was your favorite single subject question asker?

One choice is from both AM and EP, the rest are from EP because I was never on any other Q&A site.

I thought a couple of them were pretty funny lol
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  • n/a
    Gah. I don't recall them all any longer. I remember they always came in bursts just like trash bag guy did here. BlueMetalChick wrote a great review on them all in a story. I tried if I could look it up but couldn't find it.
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  • SavvyAnsley
    SavvyAnsley n/a
    I don't think I ever saw that, I'll bet it was hilarious! : )
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  • WingedWonder
    LMAO!  Good one, Livvie.  I remember Nerd Thigh Guy well.  He gets my vote.
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  • JaneS
    Back in my days on Answerbag, there was a guy who asked incessant obscenity-lace questions about Miley Cyrus (if I remember correctly) and then switched to asking why CD warehouse in Canada was closing down, again using colorful language.
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  • Randy D
    Randy D JaneS
    I remember both of them, lol!

    January 8

  • WingedWonder
    Does anyone remember the member (I think it was a girl) who made incessant posts about Tennessee?
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  • Randy D
    Randy D WingedWonder
    I'm sorry, but I do not.

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  • n/a
    n/a WingedWonder
    She just was there for a short time and not long enough to become a legend. I do recall that racist however.
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  • Livvie
    Livvie WingedWonder
    I don't remember her but this made me think of one more, Moving to Columbia Guy, but he was more of a two subject question asker because he also asked questions about being too short but sometimes he mixed it up by asking if he were too short to move to Colombia.
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  • WingedWonder
    WingedWonder Livvie
    LOL!  People are so whack.  I'm sure glad I'm extra normal.
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  • n/a
    n/a Livvie
    Mario, from Puerto Rico, blue eyes guy (they were brown), not tha tall. Last he wanted to move to Uruguay, it was Argentina for a while, and Mexico was on the board too. Mhmm.
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  • SavvyAnsley
    I don't think I remember Time Machine Guy. Can't bring myself to vote for any of the other 3! This is funny, btw!
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  • Livvie
    Livvie SavvyAnsley
    He kept asking questions about getting in a time machine and going back in time just to have sex with female pop stars in the 70s or 80s.

    His two biggest crushes were Agnatha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

    I remember him mostly because he looked really weird in his profile photo.

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