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  • NAMASTELet's investin Ourself "So today I wanted something.Wanted it so bad, was yearning for it.Thought about it all day long.I couldn't wait" This is but a ripple in a pond.a still pool of reflection experiencing a movement in it's&nb...
  •     Grief hovers over my shoulder, nudges sore at the back of my eyes, chokes my throat, hollows my chest, robs me of my stomach. What fruit can I offer you, guru Earth? O you who showed me how to love, the fragrant flowers for your grav...
  •                                                                         &nb...
  • I'll try to conversate.  About a subject that no one cares about.  Talk about a challenge.  …ANTHEM.  You just gotta hear about this place.  I'll try and be interesting.  First of all, it's in Arizona and is in North P...
  • Jake was a beautiful dog, born to a mother who was a prized champion.His father however, didn't have the blue blood like she did. It wasn't supposed to be that Jake wasborn of this union, but somehow, even with all precautions taken, it still happened. In...
  • Love is relationship.  Positive interaction between people where all in some way benefit. I am not speaking of the agape of The Bible or of romantic love, though my definition might include them as well, but of imperfect human love. Love ra...
  • Time is very relative, and so is age. When there would be no mirror or no shining lake surface - the mirror of bygone times - and we would not be able to see our "aging" face, which means sagging skin folds and eye lids or brown spots and wrinkles, we wou...
  • Right, am here to spill a few beans about Sikhs, being a Sikh myself. First of all, unfortunately we have secularisation amongst ourselves. One is cast and creed. Mind you, Guru Nanak the Sikh founder talked us out of it. Unfortunately we still take ...
  • We  hate because it is a convenient way to alleviate our inner or outer suffering and help us feel better about ourselves.  Sitting in judgment of others lends us a sense of moral superiority, a sense of being "good", which we are unable to find...
  • ‘Ol Joe, you could say, was a man’s man. With regaling stories of the wild west. Of an era where right and wrong were clear, Quick with a joke, full of zest.   Now, ‘ol Joe, he came to town, But never much cared for fightin&rs...

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Randy D







    I'm sitting on my kitchen table watching the sun come up. Some of my only good memories with my dad are of me and him watching the sun come up early in the morning, around 5am, before he went to work. There's something special about Spring sunrises in particular.


    It's awe inspiring that something as old and tortured as our planet still comes out of hibernation and back to life year after year. It's seen and experienced every bit of pain and trauma that's ever occurred. It has suffered disregard for it's well being again and again. Deforestation. Animal extinctions caused by humans. Manmade climate change. We've basically just taken a big nasty dump on planet Earth and everything that inhabits it in every way imaginable and then some and still the planet tries to heal itself season after season. There is no other time when it's resilience is as obvious, bold, and beautifully defiant as it is on Spring mornings.



  • AliceInWaunderland
    I can't tell you how much I love these words. 
    May 5, 2016

  • RPF1918
    This planet is bigger and tougher than anyone can well imagine. Four and a half billion trips around the sun, trillions of sunrises, what we call our world is just a film on the surface, thinner than an onion skin.
    May 5, 2016

  • Marguerite, the Beloved
    Marguerite, the Beloved
    The Earth is our home. We were lucky to see photos of the Earth from space, the whole year Astronaut Scott Keely was at the International Space Station orbiting 230 miles overhead. The Earth still looks like a blue marble, with its twirling white clouds surrounding it. We were able to witness the weather, land formations, lights at night, the aurora lights, and the various colors, like a giant painting. We do need to care for the gifts the a Earth gives us naturall so future generations can enjoy life at its best. It's best is to see the changing seasons. They each bring their own beauty, portraying life, death, and resurrection. And then be thankful. For the beauty of the Earth, for the beauty of the skies,...
    May 5, 2016

  • Silverwings
    So beautiful, so your writing!!                                              
    May 10, 2016