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"No Respect for the Law" (From the Desk of The Anonymous Poet L

  • For those of you unfamiliar with Joe's work, the Anonymous Poet Laureate Joe!!! is a writer who occasionally sends me poetry to share with you all.  I have failed him.  Shame on me.  Posting a few works of his today that I have been selfishly keeping for myself.  Sorry, Joe!!!.





    Lost my respect for the law at an early age.

    My innocent father being hung had me in a rage.

    I'd learn to handle a gun and join a gang.

    Knowing I'd be guilty if they caught me to hang.


    I practiced hours a day and got good with a gun.

    Went to join the outlaws, my life of crime had begun.

    Met up with the Jennings gang in Cedarville.

    I asked to join as my respect for the law was nil.


    The leader liked my attitude and said I could ride.

    And they would be glad to have me on their side.

    He said in a week they had a job in the make.

    And added that my first would be a piece of cake.


    We'd rob the silver city bank and be on our way.

    The plans were made and each had a role to play

    I was to hold a gun while they raided the vault.

    My mind was made, if we erred it wouldn't be my fault.


    We went in and started without a hitch.

    I was elated with the idea that I'd be rich.

    I kept my gun aimed and was on my toes.

    Saw a teller go for a gun but I had froze.


    He wounded one of our gang and I shot the floor

    Our leader shot the teller and they ran for the door.

    And there I stood frozen in my tracks.

    As the rest rode out carrying the money sacks.


    In came the Sheriff and grabbed my gun.

    And asked why I had not made a run.

    I was handcuffed and then taken to jail.

    If I hadn't frozen, I'd been out on the trail.


    They offered me a lesser term to rat on the gang.

    Or I'd be tried for murder and sure to hang.

    I refused to talk and save a little pride.

    Knowing that I had little hope on my side.


    I did nothing to defend myself at the trial.

    And knew how it would turn out all the while.

    I was innocent of murder just like my Paw.

    And went to my grave with no respect for the law.