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  • We  hate because it is a convenient way to alleviate our inner or outer suffering and help us feel better about ourselves.  Sitting in judgment of others lends us a sense of moral superiority, a sense of being "good", which we are unable to find...
  • ‘Ol Joe, you could say, was a man’s man. With regaling stories of the wild west. Of an era where right and wrong were clear, Quick with a joke, full of zest.   Now, ‘ol Joe, he came to town, But never much cared for fightin&rs...
  • Many of you are familiar with our Project Wonderful ads. Those are the little gems that usually run across the tops of pages. They feature a lot of web comics, games, and bloggers, as well as small businesses, such as those who sell “goodies” ...
  • Is, quite simply, to cultivate oneself and help others do so. We cultivate ourselves through relationships, family, community, work, learning, study, reflection, ideals, vision, experience.We help others through support, aid, assistance, comfort, fri...
  • I found the below series of articles because I had a problem. A situation where the rules of morality seemed certain to escalate the problem instead of solving anything, so I Googled "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions" hoping to find somewher...
  • the people are fantasy figures: cat girls, mermaids, frogs, demons, fish, bulls, ..., there is even one that is a snake.But first of all they are all people. And that develop into comme...
  • why all the shootings?what kind of era have we entered?in the uk ,they have gun control but stabbing deaths have what is the answer?these killers are not soul perhaps?
  • a 17 year old girl created this The Truth behind Your Food   By sister-initiate Hui-Ming Toh, Auckland, New Zealand (Originally in English)   Would you ever open your fridge, pull out twenty plates of pasta and chuck them into the ...
  • I am a big supporter of trying to make wearing unused plastic garbage, trash, bin bag/liners mainstream fashion.  I hope that you at least try wearing them once.  Please let me know why you won't try it and also how come you disagree.  But ...
  • I am so into the writings of my life over the past too many years I continually find a new line to add to the old. More so the old lines seem to become who I am more and more every day. I decided instead of just sharing my writings on my websites to span ...

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Revamp Scheduled for Monday/ Tuesday

  • Hi all,


    We are still battling with a series of glitches on our site that have locked some people out and it seems to be related to the IP address. Many muggers, including myself, are using VPNs and mobile devices to access the site in the interim, but the tech team is aware and working on it.


    Going forward, we have decided to push the official date up for hitting the giant Mug refresh button. We'll be down starting in the late evening on Monday (Arizona time) and should be back up before most US Muggers wake on Tuesday.


    As a reminder, please make a copy of your friend list if you want to refriend the same folks after the refresh and make sure you have access to the email address associated with your Mug account. I don't expect to lose any  data, but if you have things that are irreplaceable, such as photos or phone numbers, stored on the Mug, please make yourself a copy just to be safe.


    I'm super excited about the upgrades and I hope you all are, too.





  • Baba
    Thanks JA
    September 24, 2016

  • BlueJay
    Be are with you Just Asking. We are excited about our new site and the fun we will have. 
    September 24, 2016

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey
    Cool, I enjoy this site :) 
    September 24, 2016

  • <i>Benedict Arnold</i>
    Benedict Arnold

    September 24, 2016 - edit - delete

  • Bez
    How does it affect those of us outside the US? I live in the UK and I haven't experienced such difficulties even though I sometimes access it from a public IP address (such as a library or an Internet cafe). As for friends, I did compile a list of them, including those who have since left, so I shouldn't find any difficulty in refriending them. One thing I have been wondering. Who or what is going to replace "Ning"? As far as I know, that was what AM was based on before, wasn't it?
    September 24, 2016

  • Just Asking
    Just Asking
    LOL Charface. I am not a developer and I could attempt to flip the switch on my own, but there's a very good chance I would muck something important up. The dev wants to wait until his team is in on Monday so things go smoothly. I feel a whole lot better leaving it in the hands of experts. And, I don't speak computer, but aren't those things standard on most computers? O_o All I can say is that our beta team tried it on every device and browser and it worked well. The times that it didn't we fixed it. Ok, mostly I said, "Hey devs, fix this," and they did. As for the outage for some people, it's my understanding that it's limited to people with Time Warner and Cox internet providers. Something somewhere happened when people use those ISPs, it times out and the pages don't load. There's a lot of speculation with the various network owners why that is, but the tech folks will have to untangle it. I'd rather not grasp at straws as to why certain people are locked out right now. Andy B, AM is presently using the Ning cloud platform, which is why we're having issues. When Ning goes away, you'll be on the Just Asking platform. lol The update is not migrating us to a new cloud. We'll be on our own servers and managing the back end of the site ourselves... just like a real website. All grown up. ;)
    September 24, 2016

  • ambivalent Friability
    ambivalent Friability
    Woo! I'm pretty excited. ^-^ I can't wait to see what AM's much deserved facelift is going to look like and how it's all going to work.
    September 25, 2016

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey
    Cool :)
    September 25, 2016

  • ForkNdaRoad
    Thanks for getting some of us back on already! I was unable to access the site from the night of the 20th until yesterday evening. I tried from my comp and tablet, but it timed-out every time. Someone must have flipped a switch of sorts last night as I was finally able to get back on. Thanks for the heads up on our friends lists and irreplaceables! I'm can't wait to see what you've all been up to :)
    September 26, 2016

  • Just Asking
    Just Asking
    For a whole week?!? I thought this stuff just started Friday. I'm so sorry Fork.
    September 26, 2016

  • ForkNdaRoad
    Oh no! It wasn't a whole week, It was the 23rd until last night. Typo. Sorry about that. No worries, it wasn't until yesterday I thought... "Did I get da'd?" lol But after I mentioned it to Boz yesterday evening, about an hour later it loaded for me. I figured it was a tech issue of some sort. Thanks for getting it sorted out :)
    September 26, 2016