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  • We  hate because it is a convenient way to alleviate our inner or outer suffering and help us feel better about ourselves.  Sitting in judgment of others lends us a sense of moral superiority, a sense of being "good", which we are unable to find...
  • ‘Ol Joe, you could say, was a man’s man. With regaling stories of the wild west. Of an era where right and wrong were clear, Quick with a joke, full of zest.   Now, ‘ol Joe, he came to town, But never much cared for fightin&rs...

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Goodbye Project Wonderful

  • Many of you are familiar with our Project Wonderful ads. Those are the little gems that usually run across the tops of pages. They feature a lot of web comics, games, and bloggers, as well as small businesses, such as those who sell “goodies” and handmade jewelry.

    I have always preferred Project Wonderful to other platforms because of their mentality and ethics. The people who post ads through them are small sites like us, and so in using Project Wonderful, we have been supporting small businesses. In fact, one of the cool things about them was that, if we didn’t have a paying sponsor for a space, we could actually give up the spot free. Although rare, that did happen with some of the smaller more obscure placements, but I personally didn’t mind it because I liked helping out the little guys, particularly because so many of them are very talented creatives who wanted nothing more than to share their craft with others.

    Sadly, Project Wonderful just gave notice that it’s closing in July. I’m disappointed because I don’t know of any other ad platforms that are like it. I’m also heartbroken because of what it represents. Project Wonderful failed because the little guys are floundering. It’s the same reason why we saw large platforms like AB and EP close, and R2T recently. People use the net more than ever, but they’re spending the majority of their time on a handful of Goliath sites, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s an awful lot like what we see in real life, as homegrown mom-and-pop shops shut down and big box stores and chains take over. That’s not to say FB and others are the root of all evil. They’re not. Yet, as “progress” continues, unique independently-operated sites seem to be falling at breakneck speeds.

    We didn’t make much from the Project Wonderful ads, so losing them won’t impact site operations at all. I’ll be in search of an alternative. Failing that, we’ll move back to Google ads. You’ll likely see those changes around the middle of July.

    In times like this, I’m reminded to be humble. I’m reminded that we have a really good thing going on here. We have a whole lot of people who have made the Mug their home. We have mods and other volunteers who help keep this site running. (Serious hat-tip to our two longest-running volunteers, M2C and Alf!) Without them and others, I don’t know where I’d be. I surely could not do it all myself. We also have had some pretty amazing donors. An unknown Mugger totally covered the cost of our new chat a couple months back. I don’t know who you are, but I seriously cried when I saw it come in. That’s something. To know the site is that meaningful to someone- anyone- I don’t even have words. We also had another unknown donor make a significant contribution last month, covering roughly half that month’s site fees alone. The note with that one said they block ads and wanted to help. While I will never suggest anyone should feel obligated to pay for the site’s upkeep, as I genuinely want people from all walks of life to always have access, I am, again, humbled and grateful for the support.

    These gestures you guys make, in donations, in volunteering, in your thoughtful words to others, in your mere presence here- they matter. While they’re certainly meaningful to me, you should know that they’re meaningful to everyone else here as well. Moreover, as other independently-run sites shut down around us, I also believe they’re meaningful to the global audience too. We may not be huge, and we may never be, but we’re here. We are making a mark. We stand for something (and often lots of somethings all at once lol). We are Muggers.

    Thank you for being here.


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  • officegirl
    And thank you for all your work and insight. It can't be much fun having to deal with so many prima donnas on such a daily basis.  I had wondered if you were still here and involved as I have not noticed any posts from you of late. 

    Unfortunately I was unaware of Project Wonderful and about all I have noticed from other advertisers is some of them seem obsessed with boobs and how former celebs look in old age! Nevertheless I have never blocked any ads as I know how vital they are though they are seldom anything I can use myself. 

    AB at one time had many participants and my first three years there were quite wonderful because there was a lot of feedback and interest in so many things. Don't know what happened but I suspect a few people rode their negative hobby horses so much that people got turned off and left. Anyway once they hired GoogleAdSense they were obliged to begin deleting posts not considered "family friendly" and many of us just eventually gave up. EP and RT2  I have never heard of and really FB and Twitter, although I have heard of them, I do not really understand very much. 

    Like you I question whether progress is "progress" at all.  On AB I realized I could have a voice but when I left I had no intention of ever posting on the net again.  I  came on AM because of two former AB friends who I ,missed.  Sadly one of them is ow gone = whether for a while or forever I have no idea.  The net does give us a voice.  Especially those of us who otherwise would have just lived our lives out quietly under the radar.  Not that most anyone really cares, but I know how worthwhile it has made me feel when someone is able to use something they have learned from reading my experiences to make their life better. 

    Your idealism and interest in ethics I think besides being wonderful are refreshing.  When most of us are just struggling to get along whether we do well or not.

    Thank you for being here. 

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  • Just Asking
    Just Asking officegirl
    Thank you.

    I still pop in a few times a day, but have only been working on mod/ admin stuff while here, versus interacting in the Q&A more like I had been. I've had some personal stuff to manage and hope to be more active like I was soon. 

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