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  • Every morning, I receive a tidbit from the latest in scientific discoveries. The fields include genetics, evolution, biochemistry, nanotechnology, quantum physics, cosmology. What fascinates me is the infinity of what can be learned and how the details co...
  • Ronchi was the name of the house where I grew up.Mum had designed it to resemble the villas of Ronchi, a village on the Adriatic Coast where she and Dad had spent their honeymoon.It had a large central gallery which looked out onto a courtyard that faced ...
  • Trimming the Sails   The currents move as they will from deep sea to onshore and back out again. From hidden deeps of ocean floor they swell, welling up to the algae-fed, shimmer-bright surface. From pole to equator they swirl with Coriolis f...
  • I've been wanting to move for years. These 64 hilly acres in the subtropics may be exquisitely beautiful, but they are also weed paradise. The work of weeding has always been hard and unpleasant - dealing with poisons that inevitably get on the skin, th...
  • My experience is zero in comparison to the realities for Aborigines.To understand the realities they must live with among their friends and relatives,please watch this podcast:
  • This poem was posted on behalf of a fellow mugger. You can find more of his work by searching the archives for "Poet Laureate Joe" or clicking here.Animals on the Road Seeing dead animals on the road almost makes me cry.And when I see them, I often have ...
  • A little birdy told me that the video tutorial we have on adding a video to posts goes too quickly to follow. I looked at it and realized I didn't even caption it or give any instructions beyond what's shown on film. Oops. I'll include that video at the e...
  • Unaware   I have loved you a zillion ways, unaware, from infancy to aging days, unaware.   You’re the life-force in a lover’s eyes while he spends his semen making babies, unaware.   I see you in the Corella’s so...
  • For now, i have no idea where my life is going. I have no lead. Its like pointless.Maybe it will improve, maybe not. I have no idea. 

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  • I am so into the writings of my life over the past too many years I continually find a new line to add to the old. More so the old lines seem to become who I am more and more every day. I decided instead of just sharing my writings on my websites to span out into different areas of the web for entertainment I can experience as a job well done. So I began reading on vocal then got into video expression reading. Now I remain in the video expression. 

    I can write music and have several writings accompanied with my piano and guitar, but music isn't my favorite tool for life or love growth. Words are much more expressive to play with.

    Please understand I know nothing about blog writing or real book writing. This is probably because it isn't my major. Also to share thousands of writings I don't have much time for the depth of story telling in the manner of book sharing.

    I hope these links (there seems to be a problem with linking) I share are a good show of who I am of a basic nature with my writing world.

    elizabethvitale a dot com site
    elizabeth-vitale a dot com site

    My quote is "To Be Better Than The Best"

    My goal of writing in many styles I turned pages for became 10,000 various writings. I am now at approximately 9700. It is getting harder and harder to write what I haven't already written so the final tally may be into 2019. 

    Thank you for your time

    Elizabeth Vitale


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  • officegirl
    Goodness all that I have read are quite disturbing.  And really unclear as to meaning and the reason for them.  I may just not have experience with this kind of poetry and storytelling but can't help wondering why you would want to post them at us and shout them at us.  Do you feel so superior to us that you are unwilling to converse and communicate with us in a more friendly manner either in the public forum or one to one?  Why the emphasis on the number of pieces you have written?   Do you revise and deepen and polish?   Don't know what to make of all this.
    February 28, 2018

  • elizabethvitale
    elizabethvitale officegirl
    well I guess you have to form your own idea. I have many different styles of writing. These just happened to be on my screen when I was posting and easiest to post. Everyone has different opinions. I am often called Brilliant Clever and Inspiring. You certainly don't need to read my blog here or watch any of my videos on my website or here. Enjoy your day. And there are times I do read the other blogs and posts I just don't have a lot of time to respond or answer questions. I have to survive for a living. 
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  • officegirl
    officegirl elizabethvitale
    Well of course I was not saying you should not survive!  I was interested in why you write what you do.  And the way you do. Is it for the sake of beauty?  To rid yourself of unwanted emotions?  As an outcry?  To tell a story? To express yourself?  To have your say?  If the latter I wonder why you would not join in the Q and A with the rest of us?  I write professionally but am not at all a creative writer but more a technical and business writer.  And you write that you don't have time for us which makes me feel - do you expect us to have time to read what you write?   Or are you simply posting poems and stories and videos wherever you can hoping someone will read them?  All things that are interesting to me but more about you than what you write. Thank you for your response. 
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  • Danilo_G
    Hey officegirl, my first reaction was actually kind of similar, and a couple of years ago would most likely have stayed that way. But if Borges himself could appreciate any effort at writing, then I say 'have at it.' Can't see anything negative in it.
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  • elizabethvitale
    elizabethvitale Danilo_G
    It's really the way of expressing in many manners of thought or emotion not just one that I seek. I may write in a hurt mode one day then a very quiet mode the next. That is the benefit of being able to look at all expressive forms with a great way of sharing. I didn't come on this forum just to share me. I often stop on this forum and read I just don't have a lot of time anywhere on the web. I get a few hundred friend requests on facebook near every day I can't possibly respond to to example how busy I am. 

    Danilo G Do you know why my linking to my websites says warning. I am verified on the web. I chose to pull the links and just name my sites.

    February 28, 2018

  • Danilo_G
    Danilo_G elizabethvitale
    Sorry, Elizabeth, I'm not sure. Possibly the site simply warns users about any links that don't lead to YouTube or the like. Just Asking would be the person to know, although your solution works well.
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