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  • I am so into the writings of my life over the past too many years I continually find a new line to add to the old. More so the old lines seem to become who I am more and more every day. I decided instead of just sharing my writings on my websites to span out into different areas of the web for entertainment I can experience as a job well done. So I began reading on vocal then got into video expression reading. Now I remain in the video expression. 

    I can write music and have several writings accompanied with my piano and guitar, but music isn't my favorite tool for life or love growth. Words are much more expressive to play with.

    Please understand I know nothing about blog writing or real book writing. This is probably because it isn't my major. Also to share thousands of writings I don't have much time for the depth of story telling in the manner of book sharing.

    I hope these links (there seems to be a problem with linking) I share are a good show of who I am of a basic nature with my writing world.

    elizabethvitale a dot com site
    elizabeth-vitale a dot com site

    My quote is "To Be Better Than The Best"

    My goal of writing in many styles I turned pages for became 10,000 various writings. I am now at approximately 9700. It is getting harder and harder to write what I haven't already written so the final tally may be into 2019. 

    Thank you for your time

    Elizabeth Vitale