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What is your cup of Tea and what isn't ?

Posted - April 26


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    Before noon, a cup of 50/50 Madura (cured Camelia sinensis grown in the Tweed valley near where I live)
    and Rooibos - a shrub native to South Africa, always with milk.

    Afternoon - Rooibos only. The taste is similar to tea but without the caffeine.

    Before COVID-19, percolated milk coffee once a week.

    What's your preference, Nice Jugs?
      April 28, 2020 12:54 AM MDT

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    English Yorkshire tea or any of the well known's strange and tastes so different depending on who makes it..My dad is a builder and I was forever with him and my older brothers when he went to work...
    There was an old Irish lady that he use to help and she made the best cup ot tea was always served in a china cup and no special brand ... But we coud never wait to get there ....
    There was also a black guy and his wife that my dad did work  for to....fhey to made the best tasting tea I've ever's who makes it that somehow makes it taste different I find....

    I do not like any scented teas.....they upset my tummy instantly.... I drink black strong coffee and my favourite is cuppichino......I can really glug in them all day....:) 
      April 28, 2020 4:24 AM MDT