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You have given this country a reason to be hopeful that we can overcome the disastrous administration of the Turd-in-Chief and his Miserable Minions.  I promise to buy more peaches and pecans.

Posted - January 7


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    Here, here.

      January 7, 2021 10:58 AM MST

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    To the people of the United States: Let me get this straight. You voted out a president who gave us the best economy we’ve had in 50 years and you elected someone who I believe is a communist and socialist who hasn’t done anything in the 47 years he’s been in office. Wow, that was a really smart move!

      Socialism (Joe Biden) means that the government runs your whole life. People actually swim through shark-infested waters to get away from it. With socialism, you not only pay for yourself, you also pay for everyone else. If they open the borders and people come streaming in, you will have to pay for their health care. They’ll just call it Medicare for all.

      I believe the Biden administration will end fracking, and then your utility bills will go sky-high. I’m also betting your hero Joe Biden will raise your taxes. Do you know how Biden keeps calling the president a racist? Did you know Biden was a personal friend of the late Sen. Robert Byrd, who was a Ku Klux Klan leader? If you didn't know, you should have.

      The Democrats blame Donald Trump for mean and hateful rhetoric. Have you ever listened to the Democrats? They have cornered the market on hatred, with mobs destroying cities and beating the crap out of people. But don’t call 911 because they plan to defund the police.

      I think these people are evil and will destroy our country. I hope everyone is happy now. Be ready to open up your wallet and be ready to give up your freedom. And if sickly Joe Biden doesn't make it through his entire four-year term you will have Kamala Harris, who is even worse than Joe, taking over. The thing is, it doesn't matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, the Biden regime is coming for you. This bodes badly for America.
      January 8, 2021 10:44 AM MST

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    Your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

    America quite rightly dumped a dangerous traitor whose botched handling of a pandemic resulted in the highest peacetime death toll in US history. Period.

    Never judge the strength of an economy by how well the 1% are doing. The divide between the rich and the poor has never been higher.

    As for socialism, nobody is "swimming through shark-infested waters" to escape Sweden. Neither is it necessarily bad for business, otherwise Volvo and IKEA would not exist. Higher taxes to pay for free healthcare and paid college tuition? I'll drink to that.
      January 8, 2021 1:40 PM MST

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    This isn't Sweden. This is the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, and has been for well over two hundred years. Democratic socialists like Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and Karla Marx (AOC) can no longer point to Venezuela as a socialist model that works because it failed so miserably, so they now hold up Sweden, Denmark, and Norway as their preferred examples of democratic socialism that supposedly works. And as you seem to be doing as well.

    But there’s a big problem with using those Nordic countries as examples of the socialist utopias that America should emulate. Especially for Sweden because Sweden is NOT socialist.

      The myth that Sweden is a utopian paradise where all the social problems have been solved and that you can have high growth with high taxes has been touted by Bernie Sanders as well as the many Millenials that followed him.

      The glory days for Sweden economically took place prior to the 1960s, when they had a free economy, low regulation, and lots of wealth. Between 1870 and 1950, Sweden had the highest per capita income growth in the world and became one of the richest countries, behind only Switzerland, the U.S., and Denmark. 

      In the 1960s, Sweden started to redistribute wealth, which brought wealth creation to a halt. By the mid-1990s, the country had growing economic problems because it continued to redistribute wealth it wasn’t creating. It was at this juncture that many of the wealthy entrepreneurs were leaving Sweden. In 1994, Sweden began implementing reduced regulations, reduced government spending, reforming their welfare programs, and shrinking their government.

      Many view Sweden as being socialist. However, the country is, in fact, very pro-capitalism, but does it with redistribution through taxes. Sweden has continued on this path for the last 27 years, which has brought them a modest rate of growth, but not nearly as robust as pre-60s levels due to government taxation remaining high. I repeat Sweden is not a socialist country. You would do well to check things out before calling a country something it's not
      January 8, 2021 4:25 PM MST