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  • I had a mugger message me last night or this morning about some of the site issues. Unless you guys are emailing me, I don’t always know what’s being said in the Q&A.&n...  more
    Last post by Just Asking - January 17
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  • A lap top that was stolen during a burglary of my home.  It had Corel Draw, Corel photo paint, Adobe and others.  All my designs I had put so much time int...  more
    Last post by WelbyQuentin - August 18
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  • I'll be moving soon, I WILL find another place to live.  My landlord wants to move into this house.  So, I am looking forward to how the Lord will move in my life. &...  more
    Last post by Boss Lady - August 16
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  • My back surgeon refuses to operate on my back.  The only solution would be rods, plates, fusion and screws, He doesn't want to do that. (won't)My other back doctor perfor...  more
    Last post by Slartibartfast - August 4
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  • Last post by Boss Lady - August 16
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  • Woke up a 3:30 am yesterday morning, or there about I'm falling asleep at the wheel. Had a nap but apparently it wasn't long enough.  See you tomorrow.&nbs...  more
    Last post by Randy D - June 25
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  • While watching images from Gone with the Wind today, there were so many pictures of Scarlett that looked so much like my Mother I had to stop watching, it was eerie.  Of ...  more
    Last post by Boss Lady - June 6
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  • Barry White, "Never Gonna Give You up," the words are true...all of them.  :  )  It's hot in here. hahahaha
    Last post by NYAD - June 5
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  • Here's the proof. https://meaww.com/what-happened-to-morgan-bettinger-false-accusations-ruin-white-students-life
    Last post by beancrisp - May 26
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