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Do you want to chill out with me?

Sit back and listen to Shriekback's concluding song from their excellent-to-me "Go Bang!" album

"Dust and a Shadow"

(For me, the song is even better after listening to the entire album in chronological order) 

Posted - April 7


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      Both the name of the band and the name of the first album you mentioned are enough to extract an exuberant denial of interest from me.  I’ll pass, thank you.

      April 7, 2021 7:04 PM MDT

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    You're welcome. :)

    I'm still listening, though. (I think I'm on my fourth time on 'repeat' of listening to the entire album, ha. The fourth time 'Dust and a Shadow' came on is when I posted my question.)
      April 7, 2021 7:07 PM MDT