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RIP Twitch.....

His presence and dancing was always a delight to watch.  His death is shocking, so much talent, he will be missed.

Posted - December 14, 2022


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    How sad. Twitch always seemed upbeat. I've been fond of his performances since he was a contestant on SYTYCD and again on Ellen. A bright light for sure.
      December 14, 2022 2:32 PM MST

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    YES!!!   :(

    I was thinking of posting a question, too.
    I read about him just 30 minutes-or-so ago.
     I'm very saddened.

    That man could DANCE!! Wow. I love watching him. Every time I watched him, all I could think of was thay he WAS the music. Such fluidity and grace.

    He comes across to me as a really nice guy, too.

    Yes, may he rest in peace.

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      December 14, 2022 8:38 PM MST

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    of the few times i watched Ellen show, I discovered that guy from there and thought he looked nice... 



      December 23, 2022 3:57 PM MST