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Is this song bitter or sweet for you?

The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

For me, whether bitter or sweet, it's always been wondrous for me.  :)

Posted - April 1


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    I like some of the words in the lyrics.  Not sure I understand why he is running to people and making them mad on purpose, that's doesn't make sense to me. 
      April 1, 2024 8:01 PM MDT

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    I've never really listened closely to the lyrics. I just did today and I like the song even more. I've always just liked very much the orchestral parts and his singing and everything about the song.

    Bear with me, this is just where I am today at the moment :)
    I understand and get your point but with my initial viewing of the video (first time I've watched it), I find him simply being oblivious to others, not purposely trying to get people mad, nor purposely walking into anyone.
    To me, it looks as if many of the people are walking into him just as much as he is walking and being hyper focused on what he's thinking.

    I don't find him making people mad on purpose, it's their choice to get mad at him.
    Two guys I noticed took it all in a fun way and they smiled and laughed when he passed
    The one woman hostilely overreacted (in my opinion) quite a bit when he walked across the hood of her car (yeah, I wouldn't walk across someone's car) but she jumps out of her car, chases him down and "gets in his face." And he continues to be oblivious. (Or it seems that way to me.)

    I don't pretend to know the video's meaning. I'm just sharing my initial thoughts. :)

    And, boy, I find him handsome!  :)

    Thanks for answering, Music Is Nothing!

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    listened to it again, this time heard the music, was too focused on him running into people. I really like the music, a lot.  
      April 2, 2024 2:46 PM MDT

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    I like how you wrote your reply. "Too focused on him running into people"  :)  I get it. I 'fell into' the visuals, too.

    Like I said, today was the first time I watched the video. After years and years of liking the music, the video added more intrigue to the song somehow for me.

    Thanks for checking it all out. :)

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